I GOT FIVE ON IT – Ulla Pomele

Truth be told, Mr. Pomele wasn’t this week’s first choice for the “Five.” It was supposed to be Brad Underwood, but we’ll do that next week. If you have questions, submit them in the comments below.

Anyway, this is a refreshingly candid yet sort of disturbing “Five” with Pomele, the 6-foot-1, 235-pound linebacker from Santa Rosa (Calif.) Junior College who is one of the 19 junior college transfers Kansas State is bringing in or has brought in. Pomele, who is already on campus, is a pleasant, affable kid who, according to his bio, is married. He was a little nervous with so many recorders stuck in his face, but he was honest. Makes you wonder what they sold him on during the recruiting process – besides immediate playing time.

1. What impressed you about Coach Prince and Kansas State?
Just his character, the way he lives his life. Man, just to meet a guy like him, especially him coming from a JC experience as well, it’s encouraging for me to come out here. Man, there’s a lot of great things about him, a lot of great things. He really stresses to the players is being in a positive environment, which is great and that’s where I come from and where I like to be in — a positive environment. … I’m not used to this. I’m kind of the guy who likes to stay under the radar. All of this, right here, is new to me.

2. How does it feel to be at K-State?
So much of a great blessing to be out here. I’m very humbled. For me, with my family, I’m the first to be out in college. It’s a really big step and I’m just very grateful.

3. What did you know about K-State?
I didn’t watch a lot of college football, didn’t pay attention to the Big 12 — I didn’t even know they were the Big 8. I just learned that. My thoughts, my first visit was fun. I think I came Nov. 30. Definitely before the snow. The people out here were very welcoming. Out here, cause I’m from California, it’s a lot laid back, a lot slower, which is cool… The people out here were encouraging, especially the coaches. The players as well.

4. What did you learn about K-State you didn’t know before?
Fort Riley, the military place. Just learning the history about Kansas State. A lot of the bowl games they won, the legendary coach (Bill) Snyder — I never knew about him, either…

5. Have you met Coach Snyder?
I haven’t, but I’ve met his son.

(BONUS) 6. Ever heard of ‘The Miracle in Manhattan’?
Nope, not at all. I’ve seen it on YouTube… They talked to me about it, but it’s my first time experiencing it. I’m still feeling it out.