Mama Sayz (01/31)

No one does family drama like Mrs. Smith – and she’s got the pictures to back it up. She submitted this Wednesday afternoon, but I was backed up a bit and couldn’t post it. Excuse the dated references to the Sunflower Showdown – it’s not her fault. Here’s the latest in “Mama Sayz”:

One week, four days, five hours, 33 minutes and 17, 18, 19 seconds…

Why the countdown, you might ask? Maybe the Sunflower Showdown? No. That’s how long little Miss Tiffany and the rest of the family had to “bond” before her daddy returned from his latest road trip adventure.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Tiffany is as sweet as she appears in person to mike-n-t-on-tv.JPGmost people at the games, the mall, daycare and the countless other places that people may meet her. However, she is the only one of my five roommates who challenges EVERYTHING I say or do! The whole time that her daddy was gone on his longest road trip ever we practiced with her what she was going to do during the Little Cat Slam Jam Competition and had it down to perfection. The moment she and her Dad walked into the tunnel just before half-time of the Iowa State game, she tells him, “Daddy, I don’t want to do what Mommy showed me. I wanted to spin around and then dunk — like Michael.” He said to her to do what ever she wanted to. Although I was pleased that she pulled out the win, I just couldn’t figure out what happened to the big performance we had planned until she announced what happened when we got to the car.

“Mommy, I did what I wanted to do — not what you wanted me to do!”

I just looked at Calvin and thought to myself how great it was for him to be home… so that he can take his turn at playing with MISS TIFFANY!

After the game, this young lady came over to congratulate Tifft-given-autos.JPGany for winning the dunk contest and actually asked for her autograph. We were really shocked but Tiffany jumped at tTiffany at BWWhe opportunity to write her name, which she LOVES to do. That started a line for others to get her “autograph,” and she acted as if she had been doing this for years… Naturally, we had to celebrate Tiffany’s win, so we headed to BWW in Aggieville. It was very cute and she can’t stop talking about it.

I have to mention the fact that Malik was a little upset that his baby sister was getting sopizza.JPG much attention and I completely understand. He told me that a few kids asked him for his “autograph,” too, and that I kept missing the opportunity to take his picture while doing so. He also said, and I quote, that I “need to pay attention to his needs too!” I will admit that I felt a little guilty, but the only thing I could catch on camera was him sneaking another slice of the pizza his brother, Lil’ Mike, had neglected while being interviewed by FSN. How’s that, Malik? Have your needs been met?! LOL!


The other day while at work, my co-workers and I were discussing homemade cookies and how long it’s been since we’ve had time to make them. On the way home that day it dawned on me that the holiday package of baked goodies which comes from Calvin’s parents EVERY year around Christmas time hadn’t yet arrived. I then started to think, Hmmmm… I wonder if Calvin received a notice to pick up the package from the post office and he just shoved them in his rig and took them on one of these long work trips, which took through some below freezing weather in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa over the last week or so. So I decided to do some investigating… I promptly made a phone call to Pa Couch and the conversation went a little like this:

Me: Hey, Mr. Couch, how have you been?
Him: Hey, Fatima, things are great. How are you guys? I hope you all are managing to stay warm out there.
Me: Yeah, we’re doing a good job of it but Calvin is freezing his hindparts off in Minnesota right now!
Him: (laughing) What makes you call today — is everything OK?
Me: I was just wondering if I could ask you something. Now, I’ve noticed that we haven’t received our holiday package of baked goodies and I just wanted to clear this up with you before Calvin comes home. Because if he received that package and took it on the road with him without telling me, Minnesota will seem as hot as a desert when he returns home.

After laughing hysterically, he explains that there no package this year because of various reasons. But I think — or at least I hope — he will talk Mrs. Couch into sending a little touch of Richmond, Va., this way soon.

Well, the whole town is excited for the Sunflower Showdown. I haven’t seen such a rivalry since back home, where my dad and I loved the Redskins and the the rest of the family was die-hard Cowboys fans. I never understood how you can be such a die-hard fan when you have never been to that town or have no connection to the town , but hey, to each his own.

Now for some questions:

FROM: superksufan
WHEN: Jan. 24, 2008
Thanks again for a great read. Sharing your stories about ALL your children is extremely entertaining.

What game(s) are you looking forward to watching/cheering/going to this season? Outside of KSU, so far — which school would you say has the nicest fans?

Hey Super K,
I look forward to ALL of the games, to be honest. I just love to watch sports of all kinds. I’ve only been to one true away game and that was at OU. Their fans weren’t bad at all. I hope it’s that way all the way across the board. (
J-MART NOTE: Don’t bank on it, Ma.)

WHEN: Jan. 24, 2008
Mama, just wanted to apologize for doubting this blog early on. I am a full-on believer now, and really do look forward to it each week. Keep it up.

Hi Zac,
Apology accepted. I really didn’t know what this was going to be like in the very beginning but I must admit that I am quite pleased with the response. (
J-MART NOTE: We are, too. )

FROM: BikerCat
WHEN: Jan. 24, 2008
Mama, at first, I didn’t give you the credit you deserved for putting in your opinion in the blog, however, it really is something to read each time you “post up.” Hopefully, you won’t be moving for another three and a half years but I’m not sure your insanely great son will remain in his purple jersey much longer — or in the classroom that long. As a senior at K-State, we as a student body are very fond that Lil’ Mike is bringing so much attention to the school and only wished that he would stick around and give us four full years of “edge of the chair excitement” as great college basketball players do to help establish the dominance of the program… And that goes for Bill, too. However, it is really hard, I know, to anchor Mike when he wants to chase after his dreams in the NBA, especially when he’s not even 20 and has the real possibility of inking a multi-million dollar deal in a few short months. In any event, hopefully he will reach his goal this year of helping take the Cats to the championship game and winning it all! Here’s to you for raising a great son!

I’m not sure how long our stay here in Manhattan will be but I will tell you that I am enjoying my stay here even more than I anticipated. I’m just glad that the attention that is brought to Lil’ Mike, the team and the school is appreciated so much. Thanks for the compliment of him being a “great son,” but I can’t take the credit for myself. I have a strong nucleus of friends and family that has helped out in various ways throughout his life and for that I am forever in their debt.

FROM: Katalyst
WHEN: Jan. 24, 2008
Hey Mama-Beaz,
Just recently stumbled upon your blog and thanks to J-Mart and The Beacon (J-MART NOTE: Or the Eagle, but carry on) for bringing us fresh stories for the Wildcat Nation to look forward to daily. K-State fans living in Kansas City tend to react negatively to the Kansas City Star’s coverage of K-State, so it is often nicknamed the KU Star for its perceived bias toward KU. (J-MART NOTE: I don’t agree, and I’ll explain more in-depth at a later time.)

Speaking of KU: are you aware of some of the antics that fans have passed down from over the last say 80 years for the KU game? If not, expect the KU game to be the loudest of the year (unless there’s a Big 12 championship game on the line during a later home game). Expect to see fake and possibly live chickens painted red and blue. Live ones will fly onto the court, fake ones will be hung in effigy. In other words, buckle up your seat belt because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Oh, no… Not the chickens!!!!

FROM: Lisa
WHEN: Jan. 25, 2008
Thanks for taking the time to do your blog. All of us Catbackers are sure glad your family came to Manhattan. We love watching the Cats on television and enjoyed the A&M game in person. I can tell that Mike loves to sing. What are his five favorite songs? Have fun at the KU game!

Lil’ Mike loves music. He thinks he can rap, too, which in all actuality he’s not too shabby, but I wouldn’t tell him that. As far as favorite songs, he likes to listen to “To Zion” by Lauryn Hill before every game (
J-MART NOTE: It’s also played on the public address system at every home game, about 25 minutes before the opening tip). In fact, he loves her “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” CD.

Well, once again I must cut this short because I have to get ready for the Sunflower Showdown. Before I leave I would like to say thanks to everyone for even wanting to know what goes on behind the scenes of this crazy family of mine. Until we meet again… Ta-ta!