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Sunflower Showdown, Part I

Shady with the putback. Had to put my computer away in case the students rushed the court…

4:10 left, KSU, 67-57

Shady hits two, it’s down to 57-51. Beasley over Jackson. Too good, but Darnell responds. Five-point game. Walker with a drive past Shady. Foul issues looming for K-State. KU in the double bonus with 5:51 left. R-Rob at the line, gets both. Back to five points. No separation right now. Stew, huge, HUGE 3 with 5:25 left. Collins with an acrobatic finish, 64-57, KSU. Walker forces a 3 over Shady’s outstretched arm. Beasley 3 with 4:12 left, puts Wildcats up, 67-57. Uh-oh, KU.

7:31 left, KSU, 57-49

Walker hits a 3, going glass. It’s one of those nights for the Wildcats. Through 29 minutes, K-State has been the better team – and you probably wouldn’t get much of a debate from the few KU fans in attendance. Still, there are 11 minutes left, and this is a proud, veteran team. You still have to finish these guys off. Jake Pullen nails a 3, and K-State is up by 10. That’s right, 10. This place gets as loud as it’s been all night. Rush misses a 3, and it gets even louder. Jake penetrates, dishes to Mike for a dunk. KU is on the verge of getting run out of the gym. This place is giving me chills. It’s so loud. Chalmers at line, makes first – last time KU scored at 13:20. He makes both, it’s 57-47. Russ at line with 9:14 left, makes both. 57-49, KSU.

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Andre Gilbert

From K-State’s sports information office:

Junior forward Andre Gilbert has been suspended indefinitely from the team for violation of team rules, head coach Frank Martin announced Wednesday.

“We have expectations for our student-athletes and Andre has not lived up to those expectations,” Martin said. “Like every member of our team, he has to understand that there are consequences when you fail to follow the rules.”

Gilbert has seen action in 17 games for the Wildcats, including 13 starts, and is averaging 5.2 points on 38.6 percent shooting with 2.8 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 19.4 minutes per game.

Gilbert’s return to active status will be determined by Martin at a later date.

My take, Kansas (01/30)

Did a chat with the Lawrence Journal-World yesterday and the moderator, Ryan Greene, was amazed that I chose the Jayhawks.

It’s just how I feel. I think the stars are aligned for Kansas State to finally beat KU at home, but man, these Jayhawks are good. I guess I still need to see more from the Wildcats until I can pick them in games of this magnitude.

Let me add this – would I be surprised if K-State won? No, not at all. It’s not as if I don’t think the Wildcats are capable. When you have Mike Beasley and Bill Walker, anything is possible, especially if they’re playing with determination and focus – as I expect tonight.

I’m not going to go into strategy or anything like that because everything has been discussed to exhaustion already. It’s fascinating strictly from a curiosity standpoint, and the opening tip can’t get here fast enough.

As a bonus, I’m going to be posting here live during the first half.

I want to hear your predictions. Whoever is closest on the victorious team and margin of victory will win a prize, something likely taken from my desk.

PREDICTION: Kansas 85, Kansas State 81