Mama Sayz (01/24)

She’s back, and she’s calling out her readers – kind of. Mrs. Smith is complicated. Anyway, read for yourself in this week’s edition:


Is anybody out there? I mean, seriously, does anybody really read this besides my sister? The reason I ask is because I’ve talked to quite a few people lately, most recently a reporter, Bill, from the Kansas City Star, and some of the stuff that was asked of me would have clearly been “self-answered” if “Mama Sayz” was really being read — not that I mind talking at all because of this “gift for gab” that I possess. I really enjoy conversing with others that don’t live under the same roof as me. Hey J-Mart, can I make a suggestion? (J-MART NOTE: Of course.) What about adding a page counter? That way you could keep track of what makes for interesting reading (or not).  Remember it’s just a suggestion…  (J-MART NOTE: Duly noted, but just so everyone knows, “Mama Sayz” is routinely one of the top three read blog entries every day at

Anyway, how about that Texas A&M game? Bramlage was so LOUD that I could hardly hear Malik and Tiffany asking for popcorn/pretzel money. It was so amazing to see the excitement from everyone there. The marching band was just as fun to watch as the girls from GTM. My co-worker, Lucy, told me they would be fantastic, and from now on, the top thing on Tiffany’s to- do list is to learn how to do a no-handed somersault, play the drums and own a shiny green suit like the little boy she keeps talking about.

Over the last couple of weeks, many different articles have come out regarding Lil’ Mike that show his “playful” side. Although they are VERY entertaining and somewhat enlightening on how or what he thinks while off the court, I think some people (very few, I hope) might get the idea that he doesn’t take life seriously. Well, first let’s not forget that he just turned 19 and the majority of his “pranks” were done during his very youthful years.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making excuses for him and/or his behavior, but fair is fair, right? And really, looking back on most of his pranks, I just shake my head and sort of chuckle to myself… he’s like a modern day Dennis the Menace! (J-MART NOTE: I think he’s a better rebounder, though.)

But on a serious note, I would like to touch on one of the comments left this week.

FROM: Will
WHEN: Jan. 22, 2008

Brian Gates at posted this story. He said to pass it along to anyone and I thought we should pass it on to Mama.

“I wish there was a way to share this story with more people. This will get it out to a lot of K-State people, I realize, but feel free to pass this along to anyone you want to.

Blade Winter, an 11-year old boy from Clifton, is battling leukemia. He was at the women’s game on Saturday night and had made his way down by his cousin and was sitting on the aisle beside his cousin so he could see the Marching Cobras a little better.

One of the Bramlage ushers made their way down to him and told him he would not be able to stay sitting on the aisle like that.

That is when Michael Beasley told the usher that Blade was with him. He had Blade come sit down by him in the chairs on the floor. So, Blade sat there with Michael, and his friends (Jamar Samuels, Dominique Sutton and James Franklin).

His mother told me that Blade has battled chemotherapy for nearly six of the last eight years of his life. That fact (and probably the existing leukemia) wasn’t known by Michael when he invited Blade down to the seats with them.

Michael also gave Blade an autographed t-shirt while he was sitting there with them.

I know we all watch them on the court and are thrilled with their play out there, but these guys are truly great representatives of Kansas State University.”

First, as a mother I always wonder how my perfect little angels behave when they are not in my presence so this story warms my heart two times over. Here’s why… Sometimes when I want Lil’ Mike, or any of my kids, to do something out of the kindness of their hearts it doesn’t always go over so well – it’s as if I’m giving them another chore or something. So to actually take the time out and be a part of the women’s game by signing autographs for the various fans without being told to shows me that he not only listens to me but he actually hears me as well. He actually loves to see the smiles on little kids’ faces (young and old) when they meet him. Anything to bring a genuine smile to someone’s face is a satisfying feeling. Because he didn’t know the condition of the young man Blade makes me even more proud. You see, my sister Mona lost her only son, Stevon, to a very rare form of cancer almost three years ago. He was just as much one of my children as my children are to Mona. Our kids were inseparable up until this very sad event in our lives. When she and I read this comment we couldn’t help but think of him. I really pray for strength for this young man and his family.

OK, I know I promised to have this done by Tuesday but for some reason I have been extremely busy. (J-MART NOTE: Deadlines are a pain in the butt.) So here it is, 11:30  p.m. after the Colorado game and I’m trying to wrap this up. That game was good to watch and I was at home cheering the guys on at the top of my lungs. I was so worried the change in altitude was going to affect some or all of them but we pulled through again.

Go Cats!

More questions and more answers…

FROM: Schitz
WHEN: Jan. 19, 2008

Hey Mama,
Just wanted to tell you that you looked good tonight. That might be the coolest jersey I have ever seen.

Hey Schitz,

Thanks for the compliment. For those who didn’t see my jersey, it has all of the players’ numbers on it to represent the whole team. (J-MART NOTE: A picture would be nice.) I have said from the beginning that this is not a one-man show and I really believe that the boys are showing that in the way they have been playing.

FROM: Steve Dave
WHEN: Jan. 19, 2008

Hey Mom, any chance you make the road game in Lincoln? I have to live in Nebraska and I need a date for the game! If you are heading this way anyway, let me know and I will take you out for a Juice Stop and game!

Steve Dave,

When I travel, I travel deep! Me, Calvin and my roommates usually load up the SUV and and hit the road together. If you have any recommendations on kid-friendly restaurants, that is always helpful.

FROM: VirginiaKid
WHEN: Jan. 19, 2008

Hey Mama,
Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us. Will you continue to do so when Lil’ Mike goes to the NBA? As part of the K-State family, I’m sure we would love to continue to follow his progress as a person and not just what we see on ESPN. Also, y’all are from D.C. — what area of D.C.? Did Lil’ Mike ever play in the Tidewater area of Virginia? B-Cool.

Hey V-Kid,

Whenever the time comes for us to move, I would like to stay in touch with the Wildcat fans in one way or another. K-State will always be a part of our family for as long as we live. So I guess I will be here as long as I am wanted. Oh, and we are from P.G. County, Md., and that is right outside of D.C.

FROM: PowerCatScott
WHEN: Jan. 20, 2008

Thanks again for another great blog. Just a cautionary word, “ChickenHawk” is a derogatory term used for fans of that OTHER team in Lawrence, so you might want to be careful calling yourself one of those, someone might get the wrong idea.

In all seriousness, I love this blog and I love that you’ve taken such an active role in the K-State community. A lot of time families of players, especially elite players, exist for no other reason than to promote themselves and their children, but your level-headedness and genuine passion for K-State is refreshing. Now, about next year…


I apologize for the slip of the tongue. I’ll try to choose my words a little more carefully.

I have a very big day ahead of me and I must go for now. Before I leave, I would like to say: Way to go, Bill, for another Rookie of the Week performance!