Daily Archives: Jan. 23, 2008

My take, Colorado (1/23)

I usually shy away from giving predictions, but hey, it’s a blog. You have to take some chances. So, from now until the end of the season, I’m going to give a quick piece of analysis – nothing less than 25 words but nothing more than 50 – that will sum up my thoughts of the upcoming game. I will also provide a score, which I hope won’t be used against me down the road (yeah, right).

But before I get to that, I have a quick story to pass on. When I was in Boston last week, I went to the Sports Depot, a decent sports bar in nearby Allston, to watch KU against Missouri. Sure, it’s a rivalry and all, but I wasn’t prepared for at least 50 Jayhawk fans in attendance, sporting their “Muck Fizzou” shirts. Predictably, the non-KU folks at the bar began cheering for the Tigers, if only in spite. Anyway, I asked the organizer of the event, some woman in her 30s, if this was normal. No, she said, but they had gotten together earlier for the game against BC and there were a few more scheduled for the rest of the season.

“K-State, Jan. 30?” I asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” she responded.

Maybe it’s me, but I took that to mean she didn’t think it would be much of a game, so why bother. Personally, I disagree – although I thought differently less than two weeks ago.

But I digress. The morale is, this K-State team still isn’t getting the respect it should. Maybe that changes next week.

As for tonight, I like K-State. Not big – maybe by 10 points. The Wildcats probably won’t score a whole lot, maybe 70 points, but the Buffaloes are somewhat offensively-challenged so it shouldn’t matter. Then again, CU uses a four-guard lineup, and that may put more pressure on the Wildcats. But I doubt it. Expect a big game from Mike Beasley – way to go out on a limb, I know – but also Jake Pullen, who continues to come on.

PREDICTION: K-State 72, CU 63

Your thoughts?