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I GOT FIVE ON IT… Michael Beasley

I billed it to Mrs. Smith as “Family Friday.” Her feature, “Mama Sayz,” went up earlier today and now it’s her son’s turn. A quick disclaimer – it was loud where Mike was talking, and a bunch of his teammates were around. I didn’t take up much of his time, but I don’t think this is going to be the last one we’ll do with him.

Anyway, enjoy:

1. Your mother had a couple of questions. First, she wanted to know what you thought of “Mama Sayz,” and two, she wanted to know if you enjoyed your birthday because, and I quote, “I can’t get a peep put of him unless he needs something.”

Beasley headNo, I don’t read it. I see her every day. Why do I have to read her blog? (laughter) The birthday was cool. I had cake and pizza at her house with the guys. It was cool. I didn’t do too much on my own.

2. Did you like the Sports Illustrated article?

It was real good. I liked it. But it was too long to read (laughter). It was pretty accurate, though. It was definitely who am I, what I’m about and where I’m from.

3. How many serious moments are there in a day of the life of Michael Beasley?

Probably one or two (laughter). Probably on the basketball court. Or when I’m playing video games. If you want to be serious, don’t come to my room.

4. Is college basketball everything you’d think it was going to be?

Yeah. But I don’t like to lose. I’m not mad, though. In high Division I basketball, losing is going to come.

5. Are you really afraid of the dark, as your mother mentioned in one of her earliest blog entries?

Yeah. Bad things happen in the dark.

(BONUS) 6. What are you listening to right now?
(J-Mart note: one group that I couldn’t hear, even after he repeated it several times – there was a lot of background noise). I listen to Jay-Z all day. Lil’ Wayne. And Lauryn Hill.

(BONUS) 7. Players you admire, professional or collegiate?

If I had to say anybody, I’d say (Duke guard) Nolan Smith and Kevin Durant.

(BONUS) 8. So who’s the best college basketball player in the country?

(Laughter) Tyler Hansbrough, I guess. I’ve never played against him. (J-Mart note: Would you like to?) Oh, yeah.

Mama Sayz (1/12)

She’s become a full-fledged media sensation, but I just wish she had told me the O.J. Mayo story. Guess that’s why I don’t write for Sports Illustrated. Nonetheless, here’s the latest from Mrs. Smith:

Happy Birthday, Lil’ Mike!


Mike, Cats and cake


Nineteen long years ago, Michael Paul Beasley, Jr. graced the world with his presence… In fact it was no graceful entry at all. He made a thunderous appearance then just as he commands attention now. He was two weeks overdue, and it was a long and very hard labor. And then, ta-da, I delivered a baby boy checking in at 10 pounds, nine ounces and 23 inches. And then there were two — Dymond and Lil’ Mike. I actually cried. Not tears of joy but of frustration. Why, you might ask? Because I wanted a little girl sooo bad. But as the days turned into months and months into years I was sure happy he was a boy… I just couldn’t imagine a little girl being the size that he was. He outgrew his older brother of two years by the time Lil’ Mike was 3 and Dymond was 5, and he’s been taller ever since.


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