Feeling a Draft: The full Nelson

Not trying to pimp someone else’s site or drive beloved K-Stated traffic elsewhere, but I’m a huge fan of the folks at NFLDraftScout.com. I like what they do, which is basically follow and dissect not only the prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft but also the players in the coming years. It’s not just their opinions — they consult numerous NFL front-office types to form their theories.

Warning — it’s comprehensive, you will waste a substantial amount of time there, and you’ll have to pay for premium. But it’s worth it, trust me.

I spoke Tuesday with senior analyst Rob Rang about Jordy Nelson, who had the kind of senior season an NFL hopeful only dreams of.

Technically, this could have been a “Five,” but I’m not going to skimp on y’all this week. Not quite a bonus "Five," but it’s something. Enjoy.

Where do you have Jordy?
I still think he’s a second-day guy, a third- or fourth-round guy. For Jordy, it’s going to be how he runs and performs in the Senior Bowl or the East-West Shrine Game. His production this year was staggering. His playing speed on film was also impressive. I saw the Kansas game in particular, and how he beat Aqib Talib was impressive… When NFL teams went through (colleges) in the spring, I think he was still injured and he was timed in about the 4.6, 4.5 range. But I don’t think that’s indicative of his speed. I think he’s faster. It doesn’t hurt to have Brandon Marshall in Denver having a big year. He’s a former defensive back that made the transition as well at Central Florida. Because of that, teams are looking at these type of guys and saying, ‘Hey, let’s see what he can do.’ The fact that Marshall has had such a breakout year, they’ll be excited. Especially because (Jordy) is a great kid. And the special teams? Icing on the cake. He’s not your typical receiver in that way. The position is known for the prima donna type, but he has the defensive back mentality teams are looking for.

After all that, you still consider him a second-day guy?
At this point, yes. At the Senior Bowl or the East-West game, he has to light it up there. Then, he has a chance to move himself up. The third round wouldn’t be a shock. The second round would be great.

Is that the best course of action for Jordy?
In theory, he should work out at the Combine. There are going to be a lot of questions of whether this kid is legit… Because he had a breakout senior year, a lot of guys (in his position) choose to ride the momentum.

Does he compare to Marshall? I’ve heard some lazier comparisons…
That’s the thing. Based on what I saw, he flashes things like (Marshall). Yeah, I’ve heard that stereotype of every white receiver… It is lazy. They’re going off of the spring reports, when he ran a 4.6, 4.5. That’s why it’s so important he runs well. There are so few white receivers who have shown they can run well. Maybe people will find out Talib isn’t as fast as they thought. A lot of people will point to that — a game against a high-profile defender. Talib is on everybody’s All-American teams, and look at what Jordy did to him… It’s vital (Jordy) runs well.

How much ground can he make up?
If he can run like I think he can, I think a first-day grade, it’s possible. I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that until he does it, until he goes to one of these all-star games and performs like I think he can… A two-round jump is pretty significant. He wasn’t even considerable a draftable commodity before the season. It’s been a pretty amazing transformation in one year.

There you have it. Check back tomorrow when I converse with Aran Smith
at NBAdraft.net about Mike Beasley and Bill Walker. Peace.