What’s the Big deal? (11/5)

Random musings from the Nov. 5 Big 12 coaches’ conference call:

HERE’S something to ponder: according to Iowa State coach Gene Chizik, whose start in Ames is mirroring the start Colorado coach Dan Hawkins jumped off to in Boulder, this is natural. “You take your lumps, so to speak, in your first year and hopefully you see progress in your second year,” he said. Which made us think – what does that say for Ron Prince? I’d be curious to hear your feedback on this, and I’m not trying to pile on or start anything here. I’m serious. I think everyone agrees this year’s team is vastly better than last year’s, but the record might not necessarily reflect that progress. Prince alluded to that Monday: “I think it’s where we are in the development of our program. I expected us to win more games than a year ago.” But he also said he knew it would be the most challenging year of their development. What do you think?

TODD Reesing reminds Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy of former Boston College quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie, which makes me want to throw up. Disclaimer: it’s a BC/BU thing.

BASED solely on the pitch of their voices, I’d say Baylor coach Guy Morriss is bummed, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel is pumped and Nebraska coach Bill Callahan is sorely out of touch with reality.

MIKE Leach’s arm aches. But the Texas Tech coach isn’t about to give up riding his bicycle, which is how he broke his arm in the first place. See the type of things that are discussed during a coaches’ conference call?

APPARENTLY, there isn’t much difference between Paul Coffman, former K-State tight end, and his son Chase, current Missouri tight end. Oh, other than the fact that Chase told “The Man” no and went to Mizzou. That’s the word according to Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione, who coached at K-State just as Coffman was leaving. “He’s a lot like his dad,” Fran said.

BY running more north-south instead of always looking to break the big run, Texas coach Mack Brown said Jamaal Charles has become one of the nation’s best running backs again, and it’s hard to argue with the numbers. He’s averaging 119.2 yards per game, which is 15th in the country, and ripping off 6.2 yards per carry.

DAN Hawkins, who was fired up Monday, said Missouri is a “very, very, very good team. Very good.” He says the Tigers are on par with anybody the Buffs have played, which includes Arizona State and, obviously, Oklahoma.

AND, finally, Callahan was asked how he has “handled” the constant barrage of questions about his future with relative dignity. “I just think you have an inner strength,” he said. “… You trust the Lord and move forward.” Please, let it end. Soon.