We’re doing something a little different this week. Instead of tracking down an opposing beat writer for commentary, he decided to contact the good folks at BearMeat, which might be the funniest blog in existence about a cellar-dwelling BCS program.

We didn’t want the standard fare. Instead, we asked for an essay explaining what it takes to be a Baylor fan, and why do hundreds of people (give or take hundreds) put themselves through the misery? Hopefully this provides some clarity:

Baylor University is the oldest institution of higher education in the state of Texas. Situated on the fabled banks of the Brazos river in
Waco, Baylor has been playing mediocre football since 1899. Baylor
football has had its high-water marks (Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, ranked #3 in the country) in its illustrious history, and its
low-water marks (1996-present).

What keeps fans like us coming back for more is the pull of tradition,
the eternal hope of the next season, and the fact that its the only
college football for miles around. Baylor fans are a long-suffering
sort, whose expectations have been systematically lowered during the  Big 12 years to the point where our internet message boards are
consumed with pointless speculation and "turd polishing" – trying to
put the best spin on a bad situation.

Lately our creed has been "Embrace the Absurdity" – revel in the
bizarre twist of fate that has led us to the current state of affairs.
No, we won’t compete for a bowl any time soon, but our assistant
coaches will add levity with their unique pub urination customs and
zany Texas Tech-style offense.

In short, life as a Baylor football fan is a truly post-modern
experience. It has nothing to do with what happens on the field; it is
an entirely socio-linguistic construction. As our  top-notch athletics
department slogan says, "Baylor sports: More than just a game." We would add: "Not even a game."

Works for us – we especially appreciate the creed. Don’t forget to check out BearMeat  – you won’t be disappointed.