35K, not 25K

By Rustin Dodd

You may have seen the official attendance number from Kansas’ loss to Texas Tech on Saturday — the one that said just 25,648 fans showed up at Memorial Stadium for a Homecoming weekend on Campanile Hill.

That number, according to Katy Lonergan, KU’s director of football communications, was inaccurate. The official attendance was actually 35,648. According to Lonergan, the incorrect figure was caused by a communication mix-up between KU’s ticket office and staff in the press box.

The original attendance (25,648) would have been one of the smallest crowds for a KU home game since the 2002 and 2003 seasons, when a couple of crowds were officially in the upper 20,000 range. And while Memorial Stadium, which holds around 50,000, was mostly empty for the latter parts of the second half, it did appear to be more than half full during the first quarter.

After the updated attendance number, KU has averaged 39,091 fans in three games this season. Last season, the Jayhawks averaged 45,050 fans during their opening three games.