Wichita Vending and Wichita Canteen are now called Premier Food Service

WICHITA — Joe Hemmelgarn now confirms what Have You Heard? reported last month: Wichita Vending and Wichita Canteen are now going to be called Premier Food Service.

“We used to be just a vending company,” Hemmelgarn says. “Now we’ve evolved into a larger food service company.”

The company offers catering, concessions, coffee and water among other things.

Almost a year ago, Wichita Vending purchased Wichita Canteen. Hemmelgarn says there was a plan to change the name from the beginning, but it wasn’t a top priority.

“The name is the last thing you need,” he says. “Just getting our hands around merging the two companies took a while.”

There are about 190 employees at the company.

The Premier name came from a division at Wichita Canteen.

“They had used that name for their contract food service,” Hemmelgarn says. “It was a familiar name, and it was kind of trying to keep it in house. It was easy.”

Wichita Vending to be Premier Food Service

WICHITA — Almost a year ago, Wichita Vending purchased Wichita Canteen. Now, the company is changing its name.

It looks like Premier Food Service will be the new name.

That’s a name that Wichita Canteen has used for its food division.

Look for more news about the change soon.

Wichita Vending buys Wichita Canteen, becomes Compass Group franchisee

WICHITA — The more than 50-year-old Wichita Canteen has sold to the 19-year-old Wichita Vending.

“Basically, it’s a merger as I see it,” says Wichita Vending owner and president Joe Hemmelgarn.

Wichita Canteen had been a franchise of North Carolina-based Compass Group. Now, Wichita Vending is.

Hemmelgarn says not much will change.

“We just get to use some of the corporate purchasing power,” he says.

Wichita Vending and Wichita Canteen both have offered a range of food services and vending.

“They’re much larger in the food service business,” Hemmelgarn says of Wichita Canteen.

The company offers food management, including the operation of cafeterias at businesses such as Cessna Aircraft; concession services, including those at Wichita State University and Century II; and inmate commissaries.

That’s what led Hemmelgarn to approach the company, which had been owned by the Grady family since 1959, with an offer. Food service also is what he wants to put an emphasis on now.

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