You don’t say

“Joe, you’re talking on it.”

– A friend’s comment to WSU spokesman Joe Kleinsasser, who searched his pocket for his cellphone while he was talking on it

You don’t say

Wichita State’s #31, Ron Baker, scores career-high 31 points as Shockers go 31-0 on 3-1.”

Angie Elliott of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, sharing with colleagues what headline she dreams of seeing in The Wichita Eagle on Sunday

Outreach Inc. seeks site for new Wichita Meal Packaging Center

UPDATED — Outreach Inc. an Iowa-based nonprofit that organizes volunteers to pack meals for the hungry, is on a tight deadline to open its new Wichita Meal Packaging Center.

First, though, it has to find space for it.

“We’re getting to that point of having our location where it will be a fixed base where people can come,” says Rick McNary, vice president of strategic partnerships.

Outreach Inc. has been operating in Kansas for a year and a half without its own space.

“Wichita will serve as a hub for us to do our mobile meal packagings,” McNary says. “The Wichita base will be able to supply … the Midwest.”

McNary says he is seriously considering three Wichita sites but is open to others. The building needs to be at least 10,000 square feet and have ample parking. He says he’d like the space to be near Wichita State University or downtown.

“The challenge with downtown is finding a facility that would have the adequate parking because we’ll be bringing in thousands of volunteers.”

He anticipates 15,000 people will come to pack meals in the new center’s first year.

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You don’t say: Our favorites from 2013

Some were newsy, some were shocking, but most were simply fun or funny. Here are some of our favorite “You don’t say” quotes from 2013.

- – -

“I said, ‘You must know a lot of angry people.’ (They) said, ‘I work at Spirit.’”

Best of Times owner Nancy Robinson on a person who bought 10 Dammit Dolls, the soft dolls angry people can safely slam on any surface to blow off steam on bad days

- – -

“My first place that I am not going to get married at is the Grand Chapel.”

– Sedgwick County Chairman Jim Skelton, whose upcoming marriage to Stacy Luke won’t take place at the facility he sued over his daughter’s wedding

“That’s correct, he’s not.”

– Grand Chapel owner Dennis Wilkie, who says Skelton is “a troublemaker, and I just don’t want to deal with troublemakers.”

- – -

“Women pilots don’t land at the wrong airport. We ask for directions!”

– A tweet from Seattle-based pilot Karlene Petitt (‏@KarlenePetitt) about the Dreamlifter incident at Colonel James Jabara Airport

- – -

“Be aware, Boeing, ‘this route has tolls.’ Bring some change.”

– An NPR story that acknowledged a stranded Dreamlifter likely couldn’t be towed from Colonel James Jabara Airport to McConnell Air Force Base but offered a Google map and driving directions anyway

- – -

“I thought I’d get in line right behind him.”

– Outgoing Chamber chairwoman Debbie Gann, who “about choked” at the group’s annual dinner Tuesday when possible mayoral candidate Jeff Turner suggested she would make a great mayor

- – -

“I’m going to drop off a baked bean can and a string tomorrow … so we can chat later in the day.”

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers co-owner Scott Redler teasing City Council member Pete Meitzner about his antiquated BlackBerry

- – -

“With all the crying and whining in Washington, I’m feeling ready to be a new father come November.”

– Expectant father U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder speaking Friday at the 2013 Congressional Summit at the Hotel at Old Town

- – -

“We know you’re a Democrat.”

– Park City administrator Jack Whitson, teasing the city’s chamber president, registered Republican Dean Frankenbery, about a misprint that said Rep. Mike Pompom, not Pompeo, would be the group’s next speaker

- – -

“I know you are all wondering if that beautiful new red car parked over there is a door prize. It’s not. It’s the speaker’s gift.”

Delta Dental of Kansas vice president of human resources Kara Hunt, speaking at the Chamber’s Sunrise Scrambler about a car that Davis-Moore had at the event

- – -

“I thought that Davis-Moore . . . has been hurting so bad that they needed a sale, so I thought I’d help them out.”

– Car dealer Brandon Steven, joking about why he bought a Viper at his competitor’s dealership

- – -

“I think it’s awesome that he bought himself a nice car.”

– Davis-Moore’s Dawson Grimsley, retorting with a teasing implication that Steven couldn’t find a nice car at his own lot

- – -

“The @WichitaOrpheum could use a little Jesus after @RealTracyMorgan’s performance there. #itwaspurefilth”

— A tweet from comedian Ron Shively, aka @FunnyMrBiggs, after hearing City Life Church is going to rent the Orpheum Theatre every Sunday morning for services

- – -

“Puppies and people all over town are sad today.”

—Accountant David Jabara on the death of Doggy Day Care owner Marilyn Walk

- – -

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Hue Wichita to open on Commerce Street

WICHITA — Artists Sean Ward and Lindy Wiese are opening a new gallery on Commerce Street next spring.

“Pretty much we’ve been in the process of opening this for a few months now,” Ward says of Hue Wichita.

He says they’re about to get their city construction permit and then will spend a few months “pretty much renovating the entire space” at 430 S. Commerce.

The almost 1,000 square feet is bare now.

The gallery will be home to work by Ward and Wiese along with other local and national artists.

“That’s one of the big things we want to do to help promote art in Wichita,” Ward says.

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Visual Fusion to expand, move to Delano

Visual Fusion’s Zarah Daniels (from left), Michelle Adams, Naama Marcos and Astyn Jeys, standing in part of the studio’s future Delano home.

WICHITA — A little more than a decade after opening Visual Fusion, owner Naama Marcos is moving the graphic design studio to a building she’s purchased in Delano.

“It made sense,” Marcos says of purchasing the 4,400 square feet at 623 W. Douglas.

She says that’s where Don Cary of All Things Barbecue once planned to move his business.

“He outgrew that place before he was able to move in there.”

Marcos and a partner, who moved out of state last year, opened Visual Fusion 11 years ago in 750 square feet at Eaton Place downtown.

“We really love the location,” she says. “We outgrew the space.”

Around the time the partner left, Marcos says she hired an intern who had been working for her. Since then, she’s added two more designers.

“We’re really growing, and we’re just kind of sitting on top of one another,” she says.

“We needed a bigger facility to not only have enough room for all the designers and the growth, but also we added a photography studio,” Marcos says. “We take a lot of photos, and that’s something we wanted to do in house.”

Visual Fusion’s designers “do print and Web, which is not necessarily always the case,” Marcos says.

They’re all Wichita State University graduates.

“It’s like a proud little thing we like to share,” Marcos says. She says WSU and its educators “really produce quality designers.”

WSU is a client of Visual Fusion as well.

Marcos says her company also has national and international clients, but she says the work Visual Fusion does is done “in a very personal, face-to-face kind of manner.”

“Really, our specialty is good customer service and attention to details.”

At the new space, which Visual Fusion will move into in December, the designers will have a quiet area to work on the second floor, and there will be a separate conference room along with the photo studio.

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Apostle Bikeworks opens on the west side

WICHITA — Mark Moerner has been bicycling for about 25 years, and he’s been in the aircraft industry almost that long.

“I just kept getting laid off and laid off,” he says. “I just want to be in charge of my own destiny.”

He went through a small-business program at Wichita State University in which he developed a business plan and marketing strategy.

“They were a huge help.”

That led to his new Apostle Bikeworks, which is in 1,100 square feet at the southwest corner of 21st and Tyler.

“An apostle is a messenger,” Moerner says. “I just want to be a messenger.”

His message is “getting people out and having a good time.”

“I’m trying to be different than everybody else,” Moerner says. “Sell different things and have a different attitude.”

That includes Kona and Jamis bikes along with parts and accessories and other items related to biking. He’ll also do repairs.

“Basically it’s a bike shop that I would want to go into,” Moerner says.

He says he’s been in some stores where “they’re about as excited as a death row inmate.”

“I just want to be fun and be a place where people can come and hang out.”

He’s also going for convenience.

“There’s not another bike shop that’s right along here,” Moerner says. “There’s riders I see all day long going back and forth. … They can just hop in here … real quick and be back on their way.”

Moerner says he’ll be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.

“Because Saturdays I want to go ride, too.”

Train Insane CrossFit to open downtown

WICHITA – Cole Warner and Breanna Long hope to take advantage of the fitness craze CrossFit and otherwise with their new Train Insane CrossFit gym.

The two, who used to work for another Wichita fitness business, will open theirs in 7,000 square feet at 235 N. Emporia.

Warner says he was helping his previous employer find space for another gym when he found this downtown space. He says his employer decided not to use it, and he and Long decided they wanted it.

“I like the open view,” Warner says. He says his building isn’t surrounded by others.

“People can see us driving by very easily.”

Warner is a former Friends University football player, and he now is a linebacker coach there.

Long is a former Valley Center cheerleader. She says she was going to go on to cheer at Wichita State University but was injured.

Then she got in on the fitness training craze and lost 30 pounds.

Train Insane CrossFit will have CrossFit classes and some boot camp-style training. Warner says it will be intense but “not so intense to scare people away.”

Cristi Howell of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the space.

Train Insane will offer free one-week trials when it opens, which should be in early October.

WSU student gets a ‘serious’ reaction for Florida Georgia Line video

WICHITA — Last summer, when Wichita State University student Jennifer Coen told her friends she was appearing in a music video, she says “everyone thought it was, like, pretty cool.”

Few people knew the band, though.

Now that band, Florida Georgia Line, has gone on to have a huge hit with that song, “Cruise,” and its video. The band is appearing tonight at Intrust Bank Arena, and Coen’s friends are now more than impressed that she was in the video.

“They’re just like, ‘Are you serious?’”

The senior marketing major has done some modeling with a Nashville agency, which is how she landed the video gig. She appears in a purple tank top in the video (the one that doesn’t bare a bellybutton).

Coen also interned for a Nashville record label and wants to be in marketing for the entertainment industry.

She isn’t looking for a career in music videos, though she did have a great time in the video, which included getting to throw colored corn starch around.

“It was really, really fun.”

She made her father proud, too.

Steve Coen, president and CEO at the Kansas Health Foundation, says the video was a great opportunity.

“You just want the best for your children and want them to experience … whatever they want to do while they’re young.”

Ribbit Computers owner to open Golden Corral and possibly Jack in the Box

WICHITA — Ribbit Computers owner Alex Harb has been interested in the restaurant business since college, and now he’s finally getting ready to open one of his own.

“I just wanted to wait for the right opportunity to do it,” he says.

His first foray into the business will be with a Golden Corral in Raymore, Mo., followed by three more in the Kansas City area in the next five years.

What he’s planning for Wichita is a little more exciting, depending on your dining preferences.

“We’re talking to Jack in the Box,” Harb says.

He’s had a couple of meetings but has had to put talks on the back burner for a bit. Harb says he expects to sign a deal within six months to do three Jack in the Box restaurants in Wichita. He says he loves the chain’s tacos and was impressed with how the California-based company operates.

“I think Wichita will really embrace that brand, and it will do really well in Wichita.”

Harb says North Carolina-based Golden Corral is a good company, too. A franchisee already has two in Wichita, so Harb says doing any Golden Corrals here is not an option for him.

Once he signs the Jack in the Box deal, Harb says it’s not clear how long it would take to get the restaurants open.

“Usually these things take some time,” he says. “Finding the site sometimes can be a little difficult.”

Once he has the sites, Harb says it takes 120 days to build each of the restaurants.

Harb is a 2004 graduate of Wichita State University.

“While I was going to college, I worked in restaurants,” he says. “I really wanted to open a restaurant by the time I was done.”

He says he realized he needed business experience first.

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