Hana Next Door to open Friday

WICHITA — It’s already been almost a year since Eunice and Jay Kim announced they planned to open Hana Next Door, which will be next to their Hana Cafe in Old Town Square.

Friday, it’s finally happening.

“I’m so nervous,” Eunice Kim says.

She says it’s been a long time since she started a restaurant from scratch, and even though this is a small one, it’s proven to be difficult.

The Kims are planning express-style Korean food in the space the Wichita Police Department substation previously occupied.

One of the restaurant’s highlights will be a bibimbap station where customers can select vegetables and meat to eat over rice with a flavorful chili sauce on the side, which is a traditional Korean dish.

Eunice Kim says she hopes to ease into the new restaurant with a soft opening.

Hana Next Door will open in 2013

WICHITA — Eunice and Jay Kim are still planning another expansion of their Hana Cafe in Old Town Square, but it won’t happen next month as they originally thought.

“We’re still working on it,” Eunice Kim says.

She says Hana Next Door, which is taking the space the Wichita Police Department substation previously occupied, will open sometime in early 2013.

The new Hana concept is slightly different from the traditional Korean, Japanese and sushi dishes Hana Cafe offers. It will have express-style Korean food that diners can take to go. There will be limited seating as well.

The new restaurant also will have more tofu and vegetarian offerings along with salads and what Kim calls “healthy food.”

We’ll let you know an opening date as soon as there is one.

Hana Cafe owners expand with casual Korean concept Hana Next Door

WICHITA — Two years from when Eunice and Jay Kim opened their expanded Hana Cafe in Old Town Square, the couple is expanding again.

This time, though, they’re offering a new concept.

The Kims are taking the space the Wichita Police Department is vacating in September when it moves its substation. The Kims plan to open Hana Next Door there this Christmas to sell express-style Korean food.

“This concept is a little different,” Eunice Kim says.

There will be some seating, but mainly the restaurant will be for carryout service.

“We needed (something) more casual,” Kim says. “We need that kind of restaurant inside the plaza because everywhere is fine dining.”

She says a lot of people have only 30 minutes for lunch.

“Our restaurant,” Kim says of Hana Cafe, “it takes time to have lunch.”

In addition to offering faster service, Hana Next Door will have differently spiced dishes than Hana Cafe. There will be more tofu and vegetarian offerings along with more salads and what Kim calls “healthy food.”

Like Hana Cafe, the new restaurant will offer the Korean dish bibimbap, which is vegetables and protein served over rice with a flavorful chili sauce on the side. Unlike what Hana currently offers, the new restaurant will have a bibimbap station where diners can select vegetables and meat.

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Chelmsford Tea & Gifts stores are on the market

WICHITA — Most people probably would agree that being a police officer is a demanding enough job without adding any extra stress.

Wichita Police Department Sgt. Kelly Mar agrees. That’s why she’s decided to try to sell her two Chelmsford Tea & Gifts stores, which she’s owned since 2005.

Mar practically has tea in her blood. Her mother is from England and her father is from China, and she loves teas from both countries.

Still, it was ambitious of her to buy the tea shops.

“That or I’m crazy,” Mar says, laughing. “I don’t know which.”

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City still has issues with Rowdy Beaver’s liquor license

WICHITA — Rod Minner Sr. may not think the city has any issues with the Rowdy Beaver’s liquor license, but that’s not what the city says.

“There’s a lot of issues here that we’ve got to work through,” says Tom Stolz, deputy chief of investigations for the Wichita Police Department.

“We have issues of hidden ownership. We have issues of changing . . . stories,” he says. “His license application here is in standby.”

Rowdy Beaver shuts down, possibly for good

WICHITA — The Rowdy Beaver is closed, and it may not reopen.

“We have waited for a response on the liquor license,” says managing partner Rod Minner Sr.

“They are dragging their feet,” Minner says of state officials. “We can’t afford to run a day-to-day operation and lose money.”

Minner says it’s been more than a month since the Rowdy Beaver’s renewal application was submitted to the state.

Initially, Minner’s son, Rodney, said the restaurant and bar’s attorney didn’t file in time.

Then, a representative of the Wichita Police Department said there was a possible issue with something called hidden ownership, where the person whose name is on the liquor license is not the one operating the restaurant.

“We’ve been told . . . by the city of Wichita there’s absolutely nothing wrong,” the senior Minner says.

He says he’s heard “absolutely nothing” from the state, even after a message was left to say the business was at a critical point.

Minner says he has an attorney involved.

“Right now, we’re just waiting to see where it ends up.”

Police investigate Rowdy Beaver’s liquor license

WICHITA — Last week, Rowdy Beaver manager Rod Minner told Have You Heard? that the business was without its liquor license because an attorney didn’t refile for it in time.

But there’s more to the story.

“We have an investigation going,” says Tom Stolz, deputy chief of investigations for the Wichita Police Department.

“We got involved in this because we got calls from the community,” he says.

There were complaints about how the business (which is in the former Willie C’s Cafe & Bar space at 656 S. West St.) was being run.

Stolz says there are possible license discrepancies related to what’s called “hidden ownership.”

That’s when someone has a liquor license in his name but is not active in the business.

“They’re welcome to investigate as much as they want,” says Rod Minner Sr.

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