Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Museum reorganizes, becomes its own nonprofit

WICHITA — The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Museum has made some changes that its board hopes will enhance it over time.

The museum, which is at Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton, is now its own nonprofit and has separated its governance and operations from the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

The two have been at separate sites since the Hall of Fame moved from Old Town to the Wichita Boathouse in 2010.

“It’s natural for us to take this step and just keep the two separate,” says board member Debra Mitchell, who also handles public relations for her family’s Chisholm Trail.

Mitchell says local operations mean a more local board.

“We’ll have a lot more input by local people and just a lot more interaction with the community.”

Although the Hall of Fame and the museum are separate now, an overall board of trustees still governs them both.

The museum has been closed most of the summer to reorganize and select its board.

It’s now reopen in 14,100 square feet, which compares to 18,000 square feet that it previously had.

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You don’t say

WICHITA — “I’ve been busy with something else today.”

– Wichita arts and cultural services manager John D’Angelo’s response when asked if he moved the Wichita Boathouse, which a Google map shows in the heart of Old Town where CityArts is

Mike’s Steakhouse owner Craig Gabel opens Edy Burger and has plans for more concepts

WICHITA — Restaurateur Craig Gabel, owner of Mike’s Steakhouse on South Broadway, opened a new restaurant Friday.

Edy Burger, named for Gabel’s 15-year-old daughter Edith, is at Westway Plaza at Pawnee and Seneca.

“Basically, you can describe this as Red Robin meets Chuck E. Cheese’s,” Gabel says.

He says he offers gourmet burgers and lots of games — one room for kids under 7 and another for young adults.

Edy Burger is just the beginning of what Gabel plans for Westway.

He’s negotiating for 42,000 more square feet with an option for 30,000 more after that.

Gabel is planning three restaurants — each a different concept — a sports bar and concert hall.

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Kansas Sports Hall of Fame to locate at Chisholm Trail in addition to Boathouse

WICHITA — Even though the spacious Wichita Boathouse is going to be the new home for the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, there’s still not room to house all of the Hall’s memorabilia.

That’s because the second floor of the Boathouse will be used for event and party rentals.

“We don’t want to put these things in a box and put them on a back shelf somewhere,” says Ted Hayes, the Hall’s president and CEO, of high school and college sports memorabilia. “That would be a shame.”

Enter Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops. The Hall is taking 21,000 square feet at the Newton center.

“Obviously, right beside the interstate at an exit in a growing retail development made an awfully lot of sense just from (a standpoint of) visibility and location,” Hayes says.

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