You don’t say

“Two book worms fell in love and combined their libraries.”

Watermark Books & Cafe marketing manager Beth Golay in an e-mail on how the store will be closed tonight for a wedding party

You don’t say

“I will not be reading to you all because you all know how to read to yourselves.”

– Author Jeannette Walls, whom Watermark Books & Cafe brought to the Orpheum Wednesday, on how Midwestern readers are the best readers in the country

You don’t say

“I said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I’m the owner. It’s not, I’m here to tell you.’ ”

Watermark Books & Cafe managing partner Sarah Bagby’s reaction when she heard a woman say the store is closing (which other people have asked her about lately, too)

You don’t say

“I’m not planning on going anywhere.”

Watermark Books & Cafe managing partner Sarah Bagby on how, though she always needs customer support, business is fine despite several others near Douglas and Oliver that are closing

Gessler Drug Co. to relocate from Normandie Center to Lincoln Heights Village area

gessleraugWICHITA — Gessler Drug Co. is heading home.

So says Hal Schwarz, who is relocating the store from Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn to where AAA Kansas used to be next to Il Vicino near Douglas and Oliver.

That’s one corner over from where Gessler first opened in Wichita in 1938. Watermark Books & Cafe is there today.

Schwarz says Gessler was one of the original anchor tenants in what became Lincoln Heights Village in 1949.

When he recently was looking for new space, Schwarz says the 4,300-square-foot location he found “just stood out far and above anything else we had seen.”

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