Developer Casey Bachrodt faces lawsuit on Waterfront property

WICHITA — Simmons First National Bank has filed a lawsuit against developer Casey Bachrodt to foreclose on property he owns at the Waterfront.

“Well, it will not get to that stage, I will promise you that,” Bachrodt says.

The suit, filed this week in Sedgwick County District Court, also names Waterfront Office Park Development LLC, Bric Waterfront LLC and Andover State Bank.

Bachrodt has eight buildings in his Executive at the Waterfront within the Waterfront development at 13th and Webb Road.

He says the lawsuit is related to a few acres next to those buildings.

“We’re just taking care of a different type of financing on the property,” Bachrodt says.

He doesn’t want to go into details.

“It’s just not worth discussing at this time,” he says. “We’re getting it resolved.”

Bachrodt says he still plans to build on the property in the future.

“Yes, definitely.”