Panera Bread on North Rock Road to temporarily close to install drive-through

WICHITA — It may not have happened by spring as he hoped, but Randy Simon is now about to add a drive-through at his Panera Bread at 1605 N. Rock Road.

The restaurant is going to close from Monday until July 22 to make the addition along with interior remodeling.

Derby is the only other Wichita-area Panera with a drive-through so far.

Simon says he’s in the process of submitting plans to do a drive-through at the Panera at Taft and Ridge.

He’s just finished remodeling the Panera near Central and Hillside, which wasn’t able to have a drive-through.

“We just were not able to work the necessary arrangemetns out with Walgreens,” Simon says.

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Davis Family Pharmacy to open in former Lindsay Pharmacy near 21st and Ridge

WICHITA — A new pharmacy is opening in the west-side space where Lindsay Pharmacy closed late last year.

“Our plans are to open a small, independent pharmacy here at 21st and Ridge,” says pharmacist Darren Davis.

His Davis Family Pharmacy will open next month in about 1,000 square feet near the southwest corner of the intersection.

“When this became available, I guess I kind of thought maybe I could reclaim that atmosphere … where service and customer relationships come first,” Davis says.

“I grew up in a small town working at a little, independent pharmacy, and that’s kind of why I went to pharmacy school.”

Davis graduated in 1997 and worked for Walgreens for eight years.

He left in 2004 and has since been working for a long-term care pharmacy that services nursing homes.

“It’s never really felt the same as working for a small, independent pharmacy,” Davis says. “I would rather make less money and be able to know the customers by name and enjoy my job.

“It’s the way I want to practice rather than having a corporation telling me exactly what I have to do and what I can do,” he says. “They call them chain pharmacies for a reason because you’re in chains and can’t really do what you want to do.”

Davis Family Pharmacy will accept most major insurance plans and offer over-the-counter medicines.

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Walgreens to move its Wichita district office

WICHITA — Walgreens is moving its district office in Wichita.

The six-person office, which oversees 32 stores for the Illinois-based company, has been at 5611 E. Harry for a decade.

In an e-mailed response to questions about the move, spokesman Jim Graham said the company outgrew its space and needed more meeting room. He also said the timing is advantageous with the current real estate market.

The new space, which is 5,000 square feet, is at 8415 E. 21st St. in the Bank of Kansas building.

Patrick Ahern of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group and Daryl Williams of Weigand-Omega Management handled the deal.

New owner of Liquid Sun will relocate and possibly expand at Clifton Square

WICHITA — Alicia Dixon manages the Walgreens in Derby, but she’s always known she wanted her own shop.

“I have just always had a fire to run my own business,” she says.

So she’s purchased the Liquid Sun spray-tanning salon near Central and Webb and is moving it to Clifton Square in College Hill.

“It will help me draw from both sides of Wichita,” Dixon says. “It just has a unique feel.”

She also thinks that being near similar businesses, including two massage places and a couple of salons, will help draw customers.

“It’s in our ‘beauty row,’ ” says Clifton Square owner Jo Zakas. “That’s a new name. . . . Isn’t that cute?”

Dixon is already thinking of expanding within her first year by growing into a day spa or adding a boutique in addition to offering tanning.

“It is just kind of a good stepping stone for me.”

Dwyer’s Hallmark to close all its stores

WICHITA — When Scott Dwyer announced in November that Dwyer’s Hallmark at 420 S. Andover Road would close in February, he said his family’s other stores would remain open.

That’s changed, though.

The Dwyer’s Hallmark stores in Brittany Center, Derby and Emporia all will close this spring.

“We didn’t have a very good Christmas,” Dwyer says.

Nor were the last couple of Christmases before that.

“It’s just taken its toll.”

Part of the problem, Dwyer says, is there are so many places near his stores that also sell Hallmark cards, like Dillons and Walgreens stores.

“They’ve just saturated the marketplace,” Dwyer says of Hallmark. “I know they’re doing it to protect their market share . . . but it’s at the expense of us.”

Also, he says, “The market’s changed. It’s a lot of big-box stores now.”

And that’s where people seem to want to shop, Dwyer says.

“People like the convenience of buying everything in one place. They’re not going to drive clear to our store to buy a card.”

Dwyer looked at selling his stores, but he says, “They’re not profitable enough to really do that.”

He expects the stores will remain open until at least Mother’s Day in May.

“We still have quite a bit of inventory to sell.”