You don’t say

“At least that guy will have something to do now.”

J.D. Patton, director of Internet marketing for Armstrong/Shank, joking on Twitter about what the Maytag repairman will be up to now that Whirlpool is recalling 1.7 million dishwashers

Tweet of the week

“Flying was fun when you were a customer….not a suspect.”

— A tweet on Twitter Monday from Wichita resident and Boeing retiree Charlie Claycomb (@otrunchuck), who just returned from a trip where he chose to drive instead of fly

A Capitol mistake: Is this seat taken?

WICHITA — A good PR executive has to be ready for any situation, but Kansas Masonic Home director of marketing Jill Laffoon was still a little stunned by a call from executive director Shawn Sullivan on Tuesday.

“How do I apologize to the Washington Post?” Sullivan asked.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, my god, what did you do?’ ” Laffoon says.

Sullivan and the Masonic Home’s Matthew Bogner were at the U.S. Capitol with Larksfield Place CEO Valerie McGhee to lobby for health care on behalf of seniors.

During a break from one of their meetings, Laffoon says, they wandered into a hearing where “they quickly realize it’s the Toyota CEO speaking.”

And they were in a press-only area. Specifically, they were in seats designated for the Washington Post.

Laffoon says a security guard informed them of this “in maybe not as friendly of terms as we’re used to hearing in Kansas.”

Laffoon didn’t think a formal apology was necessary. Instead, she used Twitter to tweet on behalf of Sullivan:

Sorry. We didn’t know these seats were taken.

Tweet of the week

“I think the staff wants me to go home!”

— A tweet on Twitter from attorney Mel Gregory (@jhawkguy) about how he was loudly rocking to Billy Idol in his office this week

Tweet of the week

“I want Chick-fil-a and I want it NOW! Why don’t we have one easily accessible to us here in ICT? I say PETITION! #chickfila.”

— Wichitan and rabid Chick-fil-A fan Carrie Robison’s (@carriemrobison) Monday tweet on Twitter

Twitter trademark could eventually belong to a Wichitan

WICHITA — Earlier this year, TeeShirtMan owner Gary Butler didn’t know what Twitter was.

Now, he’s working on acquiring a trademark for the name.

“We had a lady come in that wanted to buy a Twitter shirt,” Butler says.

“What is Twitter?” he asked his daughter.

They looked at the microblogging site and checked into making Twitter T-shirts.

“The people who own it, believe it or not, forgot to register it with the United States patent office,” Butler says.

No one with Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, returned e-mail requests for comment, though a representative did provide a link to Twitter’s trademark policy.

Its guidelines state that no one should use the Twitter name without permission.

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Tweet of the week

“Just delivered to a video rental clerk.she wasSOexcited, notforlong,cardmessage:you’re Rad,but I don’t think this is working for me.

“. . . oh, it gets WAY BETTER,she called us back and requested us to deliver him a single rose w/card reading:

“. . . its cool, probably better for you and your wife this way!! WOW!”

— Three tweets on Twitter today from Matthew Dover of Beards Floral Design (@BEARDSFLORAL)

Tweet of the week

“Ha Ha. Here at Envision . . . we have the INTRUST Community Room, we worry about people going to the bank for our events.”

— A tweet on Twitter from Envision’s Michael Epp (@michalepp) in reply to a tweet about the Intrust Bank concert calls

Tweet of the week

“Is there anything QuikTrip cannot do??”

— A tweet on Twitter from Douglas and Main creator Bobby Rozzell (@bobbyrozzell) after he saw news of a woman who gave birth in the parking lot of QuikTrip at Harry and Webb

Tweet of the week

Norm Macdonald came in and ordered a carrot juice! How cool is that?”

— A Wednesday tweet on Twitter from Zumo Juice & Java (@zumo_juice) in Bradley Fair about MacDonald, who is appearing at the Loony Bin this week