Carla Whaley to reopen Carla’s in Delano

WICHITA — Part of the reason Carla Whaley closed her Carla’s Love It at Bradley Fair this spring is because her husband was ill, but she found herself pretty bored after a while.

“I was walking around not knowing what I was supposed to do,” she says.

Her husband knew the solution.

“He said, ‘Well, do what you like to do.’”

So Whaley is reopening Carla’s, this time in Delano at 605 W. Douglas between Twist and Hatman Jack’s.

“You know, my nieces come down here a lot. … They just think it’s the coolest place ever.”

Whaley agrees.

“It’s always been pretty cool.”

Something new is happening, though, she says.

“It’s the new hot spot. … There’s a rebirth again of Delano.”

Whaley says her friend “Hatman” Jack Kellogg showed her some Delano spaces, but she couldn’t find just the right one initially.

Then he pointed out that the Twist owner was hoping to downsize a bit in the space he owns next to his hat shop.

“I said, ‘Well, why didn’t you bring this up to begin with?’” Whaley says.

Other than that small transgression, she says, “He’s just been a delight to work with.”

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Material Girls Quilt Shoppe to open in Delano

WICHITA — Jan Munroe started quilting 28 years ago and has been an employee in quilt shops almost as long.

At the first one she worked at in 1982, Munroe says she used to always tell the owner her dream was to one day have a shop.

That dream is about to be a reality.

Munroe and her sister-in-law, Jo Degner, are opening Material Girls Quilt Shoppe in the Travel Air Building in Delano.

“We’re going to have everything you need to get started and just build every kind of quilt you want to build,” Degner says.

She didn’t become interested in quilting until a couple of years ago.

Munroe’s young granddaughter died of a brain tumor, and one of the fundraisers for her Kyrie Foundation was the auction of a quilt.

“It was a kind of quilt that I had never seen before,” Degner says.

She describes it as not-your-grandma’s kind of quilt, although Degner adds that “those are still very cool and very valuable.”

“I saw that quilt, and I said, ‘I want to do that.’ ”

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