Material Girls Quilt Shoppe to expand

WICHITA — Material Girls Quilt Shoppe is expanding in the Travel Air Building at 535 W. Douglas in Delano.

The shop currently has 3,175 square feet. Co-owner Jo Degner says there’s a front door, which she says has a great wow factor, and a back door. That area doesn’t have as much of a wow, she says, because it’s now used to hold classes.

A new 700 square feet will allow the classes to move, which will free space by the back door. Degner says it will feature more beautiful fabric to sell.

“That’s what we like to do is buy fabric to sell,” she says.

Cherisse Taylor of Occidental Management, which owns the Travel Air Building, handled the deal.

Degner is looking forward to the addition because of what it means for the back door area.

“It’ll be just as inviting coming in the back as it is the front.”


Pennsylvania-based Benco Dental to open office at Travel Air Building in Delano

WICHITA — Benco Dental, the third-largest dental dealer in the nation, will be moving to Delano in April.

“We sell everything that a dentist uses in his office,” says Dennis Doyle, a territory representative for the Pennsylvania-based company.

Benco, which arrived in Wichita about seven months ago, is taking 2,600 square feet in Occidental Management’s Travel Air Building at 535 W. Douglas.

The company has been in temporary Occidental space at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler while the new space is prepared.

“We’re going to keep the space very open to … show the old architecture of the building,” Doyle says.

There are brick walls and exposed timbers in the ceiling.

“We wanted someplace that wasn’t kind of sterile or an industrial park area,” Doyle says. He says the company wanted “a more relaxed setting.”

“Plus, it’s very centrally located for us as well.”

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Cohlmia Marketing to move to Delano

UPDATED — Cohlmia Marketing is moving from one historic building to another.

The marketing-communication firm has been in the Yellow Cab building in Old Town for a decade.

It’s moving to the Travel Air Building at 535 W. Douglas in Delano.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to have some Douglas street exposure,” says president Carol Skaff.

That’s partly why she’s moving.

“We’re kind of off the beaten path here,” she says of her location on Mosley Street between First and Second streets.

That’s the same building where Egg Cetera is.

“It really is a wonderful location,” Skaff says. “We have really enjoyed Old Town.”

When the office opened there, there was no Old Town Square.

“The energy has been building,” Skaff says. “It’s been really fun to be part of that.

“At this time, the energy of Delano is really starting to, I guess, percolate,” she says. “They’ve just been doing so many interesting developments, and it has an interesting creative vibe, and that was attractive to us.”

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Weekend update, Have You Heard? style

WICHITA — A few businesses that Have You Heard? previously reported on are in various stages of opening or reopening.

– The newly remodeled Toys “R” Us store at 8011 E. Kellogg is having a grand reopening this weekend as it debuts the new Babies “R” Us store at the same site.

“This store format provides an exceptional shopping convenience for time-strapped parents, who are shopping for children of various ages,” spokeswoman Katelyn DeRogatis said when first telling us the news in May.

– The official grand opening won’t be until the weekend of Sept. 11, but Personally Yours is opening today at NewMarket Square at 21st and Maize Road.

Previously, the shop was at 21st and Tyler.

Linda Webb’s boutique for women and babies specializes in personalization of gifts through embroidery.

Ron and Bonnie Fehr are opening the second Wichita PostNet on Sept. 1 at Auburn Pointe at 135th West and Maple.

Jim and Liz Anderson opened the first PostNet, a FedEx Office competitor, at the Village at Greenwich at 21st and Greenwich in late 2008.

–Finally, Jan Munroe and her sister-in-law, Jo Degner, have opened their Material Girls Quilt Shoppe in the Travel Air Building in Delano.

In addition to retail sales, Material Girls will offer classes.

Material Girls Quilt Shoppe to open in Delano

WICHITA — Jan Munroe started quilting 28 years ago and has been an employee in quilt shops almost as long.

At the first one she worked at in 1982, Munroe says she used to always tell the owner her dream was to one day have a shop.

That dream is about to be a reality.

Munroe and her sister-in-law, Jo Degner, are opening Material Girls Quilt Shoppe in the Travel Air Building in Delano.

“We’re going to have everything you need to get started and just build every kind of quilt you want to build,” Degner says.

She didn’t become interested in quilting until a couple of years ago.

Munroe’s young granddaughter died of a brain tumor, and one of the fundraisers for her Kyrie Foundation was the auction of a quilt.

“It was a kind of quilt that I had never seen before,” Degner says.

She describes it as not-your-grandma’s kind of quilt, although Degner adds that “those are still very cool and very valuable.”

“I saw that quilt, and I said, ‘I want to do that.’ ”

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Palette Coffee House and Fine Art Photography to move

coffeeWICHITA — The Palette Coffee House and Bistro and its sister business (literally) Fine Art Photography are moving a block west of their current location in the former Travel Air Building in Delano.

Connie Dirks and her sister, Linda Grafton, will reopen their businesses at 613 A W. Douglas on Tuesday.

“We have to work really hard . . . and constantly push to get more and more business in here,” Dirks says of their current space.

The two retired from teaching and opened their businesses a year ago.

“We’d always wanted to work together,” Dirks says.

She handles the studio and Grafton handles the restaurant, which serves breakfast and lunch Tuesday through Saturday.

“We thought art and food was a good combination,” Dirks says.

But the 2,100 square feet they currently have — and the rent for it — is too much.

Their new space is 1,200 square feet.

Dirks says their businesses are growing and have good customer bases, but the smaller space will suit them better.

She says they simply want to “have some fun with it.”