Cathy Hetterscheidt closes the Breakfast Club, plans to open Seneca Street Cafe

WICHITA — Cathy Hetterscheidt, the peripatetic restaurateur, is opening another new restaurant.

She says she’s planning to open Seneca Street Cafe in the former Tepa Cafe space at 3835 S. Seneca, which is next to Seneca Street Bar & Grill.

Hetterschedit has had a string of cafes in various spots around town over the last several years, the most recent being the Breakfast Club at 1002 S. Seneca.

She says she decided to close because of “basically the gentleman that I was dealing with, Craig Gabel.”

Gabel was Hetterscheidt’s landlord, though he says he wasn’t certain the restaurant was closed.

“I’ve done everything I can for this woman,” Gabel says.

He says he paid Hetterscheidt’s water bill for the entire time she was in the restaurant, and he says she further wanted him to give her free or reduced prices on her rent and other things at the building.

“Everything’s in my name right now,” Hetterscheidt says.

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Tepa Cafe to open on South Seneca

WICHITA — Just as Wichitans no longer have to drive to Newkirk, Okla., to gamble, soon they’ll no longer have to drive there for the Lil Tepa Cafe.

Owners Vincent and Margaret Solis are opening Tepa Cafe in Wichita at 3835 S. Seneca next to Seneca Street Bar & Grill.

Vincent Solis says their grandchildren are here, so it makes sense to come. Also, his late father, Emilio Solis, used to have Tepa Restaurant here years ago.

Tepa Cafe will seat 64 and serve American and Mexican dishes, including what Solis calls “the best liver and onions in the world.”

“And I don’t even like liver and onions.”

On the Mexican side, Solis says they’ll serve “all the goodies,” such as tacos, tostados and flautas.

Look for the restaurant to open the first week of January.