You don’t say

“Tanya, are you trying to kill me?”

Wayne Gottstine’s response to his wife Tanya Tandoc’s idea of possibly opening a second restaurant

You don’t say

“I really needed a drink about a month and a half ago.”

Tanya Tandoc, whose month-and-a-half old Tanya’s Soup Kitchen now has beer and wine available along with a new patio

You don’t say

“She’s a very sharp businesswoman. I didn’t realize that.”

Phil Ruffin on his tenant, Tanya Tandoc, who has reopened her Tanya’s Soup Kitchen to record sales

You don’t say

“The beautiful dance of city inspectors is complete. It’s an orchestrated dance — like a mating dance, kind of, but more intense.”

Tanya Tandoc, who will reopen her Tanya’s Soup Kitchen Wednesday

You don’t say

“ . . . we are laughing (and) reading horoscopes. Mine: Someone puts a kibosh on your plans. Tonight: Respond to another person’s gesture. Hilarious!”

— A Facebook post by restaurateur Tanya Tandoc after her future Tanya’s Soup Kitchen on East Douglas was broken into this weekend

Siva Power Yoga owner to open Siva Hot Yoga at Sunburst Plaza at 1725

WICHITA — Siva Power Yoga owner Adrian Tartler is expanding with a second studio.

His first is at 535 W. Douglas.

“My space in Delano is beautiful, and I love it, but we have 20-foot high ceilings,” Tartler says.

That and poor insulation don’t allow enough heat for his hot yoga classes, so he’s opening a second studio at 1725 E. Douglas where Tanya Tandoc is reopening her Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

Siva Hot Yoga will take 2,318 square feet on the west end of Sunburst Plaza at 1725, which Phil Ruffin owns and recently renovated.

Tartler says the building has “brick and charm and character like my place in Delano has.”

One whole wall of his studio is brick.

“I like not having it feel like it’s a box,” he says.

“Plus, I really wanted to be next to Tanya. Plus I love the Donut Whole.”

That’s across the street.

Tartler will offer massages at the new location as well.

The main focus will be on hot yoga, which is at 95 to 100 degrees.

“The heat is meant to not only warm up the tissues . . . so your muscles can stretch, but it also offers an opportunity for your body to sweat and detoxify,” Tartler says.

“The heat just makes you feel so much more limber. It’s exciting because you actually feel like you’re making some progress.”

He says it feels great, but he adds, “You either like it or you really don’t.”

Look for the new studio to open around May 1.

Tanya Tandoc to reopen her Tanya’s Soup Kitchen downtown

Tanya Tandoc and the team helping her reopen her Soup Kitchen: (from left) Sister-in-law Ann Tandoc, business consultant Jill Miller, husband Wayne Gottstine and brother Warren Tandoc.

UPDATED — For almost seven years, Wichitans have relentlessly asked: When is Tanya going to reopen her restaurant?

The answer: This spring.

Tanya Tandoc is bringing back her uber-popular Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

She’s opening in a new spot with the same name.

“Don’t fix what ain’t broke,” is her philosophy.

Tandoc is taking almost 2,100 square feet at 1725 E. Douglas across from the Donut Whole.

That’s Phil Ruffin’s newly renovated Sunburst Plaza at 1725.

“The menu will be much like people remember it,” Tandoc says.

That includes favorite soups, such as her signature tomato bisque, which will be on the menu daily.

“Still, ridiculously, the very most popular soup I have ever served — ever!”
Sandwiches, such as the Milano and the Crocoville, will be back, too.

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen will be open for lunch 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

“It’s all flexible,” Tandoc says. “If people are banging down the door at 5 o’clock, well, we’ll open.”

Tandoc was forced to leave her space in the former Union Station baggage area when her landlord, Cox Communications Kansas, wanted it back in 2004.

She’ll have the same amount of seating — about 40 or 50 seats — as she previously did. She’ll also eventually have a patio.

Instead of having table service, though, customers will order at a counter and runners will bring out their food.

“We’re going to try and streamline the experience a little bit,” Tandoc says. “We’ll be able to turn tables a little bit faster than before.”

The “we” in the venture includes her brother, Warren, and his wife, Ann.

Their return to the Wichita area is part of what’s inspiring the restaurant now.

“It was like, oh, wait, the best line cook I ever met in my life and an incredible chef,” Tanya Tandoc says of her brother. “This is awesome.”

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You don’t say

“But they are paying for lunch!”

– Chef Tanya Tandoc on how she’ll never get rich doing dining reports for KMUW, 89.1-FM, every other Friday morning but she will enjoy some free meals