Done deal: Jimmy’s Egg to open by Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

WICHITA — He’s still working on some city permitting, but otherwise Wink Hartman Sr. has a done deal for a new Jimmy’s Egg to open in the same building as Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

“We’ve already demolished the space,” Hartman says. “We think we’ll for sure be open in September.”

In early May, Have You Heard? reported that Hartman wanted to put his fifth Wichita Jimmy’s Egg in Phil Ruffin’s Sunburst Plaza at 1725 at the southeast corner of Douglas and Hydraulic.

Hartman previously said he thinks there’s room for another breakfast and lunch place in the area, where the Donut Whole is also across the street.

“After that, we are looking at the possibility of downtown Topeka and possibly Emporia,” Hartman says. “We’re going to take a hard look at downtown Topeka.”

He says a breakfast-and-lunch concept makes sense for the state’s capital, where there may be more workers in the area in the morning and around lunch than later in the day.

Hartman may not be done with the Wichita area either.

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Wink Hartman Sr. hopes to open Jimmy’s Egg near Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

WICHITA — Businessman and Jimmy’s Egg franchisee Wink Hartman Sr. is looking to open one of the restaurants in the same building as Tanya’s Soup Kitchen in the Sunburst Plaza at 1725 at 1725 E. Douglas.

“We are looking at a location there, and hopefully we’ll be moving forward to have a Jimmy’s Egg there in the near future,” he says. “We’re trying to slowly move towards the downtown.”

Hartman says he thinks there’s room for another breakfast and lunch place in the area, where the Donut Whole is also across the street.

“It’s an underserved market for the type of menu we present,” Hartman says. “We serve ample quality food for the price.”

Hartman isn’t ready to commit to downtown yet, but he’s interested – and not necessarily for a restaurant.

“I’ve always had an interest in downtown,” he says. “I grew up here, and downtown is an unfortunate situation with all the empty storefronts. There’s a lot of empty storefronts going up and down Douglas. Has been for 40 years.”

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Shine Salon to move to Sunburst Plaza

UPDATED — There’s a new tenant coming to Phil Ruffin’s Sunburst Plaza at 1725 at 1725 E. Douglas, which may be better known as the home of Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

Shine Salon is moving into 2,500 square feet next to the former Integrity Auto Group space at the center.

“We’ve kind of been looking to expand, to grow our business,” says Val Sigg, who owns the business with his wife, Casey. “Our business has been fantastic.”

The salon will celebrate five years at 110 N. Hillside on March 18.

Currently, Shine has six styling chairs and eight stylists.

“We’re trying to accommodate 14 hair stylists at our new space,” Sigg says. “We are actively looking for … hair stylists to come work with us over there.”

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Possible new tenant at Sunburst Plaza

WICHITA — There’s some activity going on at Phil Ruffin’s Sunburst Plaza at 1725, which is at 1725 E. Douglas and is best known for being home to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

There’s about 2,500 square feet adjacent to the former Integrity Auto Group space that’s being readied for a new tenant.

A deal for that tenant is imminent. We’ll let you know when it closes.

Rowley Snyder Ablah buys former Big Dog Motorcycle building it’s occupied for a year

Part of the upgrades to Rowley Snyder Ablah's newly purchased building include glass blocks in an area that used to have a nonworking door.

WICHITA — When the new Rowley Snyder Ablah ad agency signed a lease for former Big Dog Motorcycle space at 145 N. Hydraulic in the spring of 2011, CEO Bruce Rowley said, “You know there’s something happening down here. This is kind of a vibrant little area with lots of cool stuff going on.”

He and his partners like it so much, they’ve now bought the building from Sheldon Coleman Jr.

“We love the size of it,” Rowley says. “We love the flexibility of it.”

Most of the 3,000 square feet is an open area that Rowley says allows for easy reconfiguration of space depending on what a project might need.

“That was a huge part,” he says. “We’ve already moved ourselves probably four or five times in the year we’ve been in it.”

The agency is making a few upgrades at the building, such as getting rid of a nonworking door that Rowley says “made it sort of look like an abandoned building from the street.”

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Rock Island Cafe to open in May in Yogurt Xplosion space on North Rock Road

WICHITA — It was late December when Kirsten Teague, a former Rock Island Cafe manager, announced she’s bringing back the restaurant.

“It seems like it’s been a long time,” she says.

She’s been looking for space since then, and now she’s found it at 3236 N. Rock Road where Yogurt Xplosion will be closing.

“It’s just that location – North Rock Road – that’s what I’ve been looking for,” Teague says.

Kianga Coleman of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

Yogurt Xplosion owner Amber Dunn, who opened the business less than a year ago, didn’t return calls for comment.

The original Rock Island Cafe was open from 1985 until the mid-1990s next to Union Station in the former Rock Island Railroad baggage terminal. That’s the building that became home to the original Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

“We’re going back to the original Rock Island,” Teague says.

That means the restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch but won’t have evening hours.

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Rock Island Cafe to reopen, this time on the east side

WICHITA — A former Rock Island Cafe manager is bringing back the restaurant, this time on the east side.

“Just bringing back the Rock, that’s what I’ve been saying,”says Kirsten Teague.

The restaurant, which was open from 1985 until the mid-1990s, was next to Union Station in the former Rock Island Railroad baggage terminal. That’s the building that became home to the original Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

Teague has been working on leasing space on North Rock Road.

“It’s kind of like a divorce to me,” Teague says of negotiations. “Here’s what I want, here’s what you want, now can we meet in the middle?”

It’s looking like she can’t meet in the middle on the place where she’s been negotiating, but Teague says, “I’ve got Plan B.”

Teague says she ran Rock Island Cafe after Sabrina Parker bought it from founders Chris Farha and Janet Cohlmia.

Parker, who owns Merle’s Place and the Walt’s All American Bar and Grill on West Central, isn’t involved in the new restaurant.

“She’s just my moral support,” Teague says.

She describes the new Rock Island as a gourmet sandwich shop with “weird combinations that are not normal.”

For instance, she’ll serve chicken salad with almonds and pineapple in pita bread.

“It’s not like all the sandwich shops in town,” Teague says. “I have people who still remember what we did.”

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How to succeed in business without really opening: NuPenny on East Douglas is the ultimate in window shopping

UPDATED – Most people understand that one of the first steps to succeeding in business is to open a business.

That’s not Randy Regier’s approach.

But then, he’s not just a business owner. First — and foremost — he’s an artist.

He’d love for you to drop by his new NuPenny Toy Store, which he put the finishing touches on just after midnight on Tuesday after “way too many trips to Lowe’s.”

It’s at 1714 E. Douglas, which is two doors down from the Donut Whole and just across from Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

Part nostalgic, part futuristic, the brightly lit shop full of shiny silver toys beckons passers-by to stop in, but they can’t.

“It’s like a ‘Twilight Zone‘ episode in a toy store that no one ever goes in and no one shows up,” Regier says.

He could go into great lengths, he says, about what it all means. That would spoil the fun, though.

Regier’s thought is “the idea of discovering something.” It’s an experience, and one that he doesn’t want to prejudice.

“It’s not so much not wanting to talk about it,” he says. Talking, though, “can take all the mystery from it.”

“It can be sort of mythical and mystical and bizarre and weird.”

The toys are made from things such as old toasters and Electrolux vacuum parts.

A London writer who wrote of Regier’s work examined it for his ability to create desire. Shoppers may want to come in, but can’t.

There’s no use advising Regier on another business model.

“I have business friends who have tried that,” he says. “I’ll just say they’ve given up on me.

“My business model is, ‘Good luck with that.’ ”

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You don’t say

“She’s a very sharp businesswoman. I didn’t realize that.”

Phil Ruffin on his tenant, Tanya Tandoc, who has reopened her Tanya’s Soup Kitchen to record sales

Sunburst Plaza at 1725 has space left to lease

WICHITA — With the almost 2,100-square-foot Tanya’s Soup Kitchen lease, the newly renovated Sunburst Plaza at 1725 still has 6,500 square feet left to lease.

Chris Ruffin, director of real estate for his father Phil Ruffin’s Ruffin Properties, is looking to make the building “more of a destination-type shopping area.”

Ruffin, a musician, took the Sunburst name and the building’s new color from his guitar.

He says Sunburst is the color of a wood stain technique used on Fender and Gibson guitars, and that’s where he got the inspiration.

Ruffin says he’s talking to some other possible tenants — “some exciting stuff” — but doesn’t have anything to announce just yet.