You don’t say

“The national media contends, and I agree, that the local media …would be more starstruck.”

KAKE, Channel 10’s Susan Peters on how members of the national media have congratulated her for not being starstruck and instead asking a hard-hitting aviation question when she recently interviewed President Obama


Junior Achievement 2011 Wichita Business Hall of Fame offered humorous and poignant moments

Oleksandra and Phil Ruffin greeted Richard Smith and his wife, Sondra Langel, at the Junior Achievement 2011 Wichita Business Hall of Fame dinner Tuesday.

WICHITA — The Junior Achievement 2011 Wichita Business Hall of Fame dinner Tuesday offered an entertaining evening full of poignant and funny moments.

Emcee Susan Peters of KAKE, Channel 10, started with words of wisdom for business people who might like to be inducted in the future.

“If you would like to be honored, you should be on your best behavior,” she advised.

Jim Farha spoke on behalf of himself and his brother, fellow inductee George Farha. The Lebanese immigrants are both physicians.

“We love this great country,” Farha said. “Without being political, we believe that America is truly an exceptional nation, and we are very grateful for the opportunities that we have been afforded.”

Phillip Ruffin Jr. introduced his father, inductee Phil Ruffin Sr., whom he noted was a grand state wrestling champion while at North High School.

“And this is something we hear about almost on a daily basis,” said the younger Ruffin.

He noted the win was back when there weren’t different divisions for schools, meaning the then 147-pound Ruffin had to wrestle everyone in his weight class.

“He whooped ’em all.”

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Susan Peters faints during KAKE, Channel 10, broadcast

WICHITA — You never know what’s going on behind the scenes at a TV news set.

Thanks to Larry Hatteberg’s cool demeanor and Jay Prater’s quick action, viewers probably didn’t notice the drama during KAKE, Channel 10’s 5 p.m. newscast Tuesday.

During a commercial break, anchorwoman Susan Peters started feeling funny.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked Hatteberg, thinking perhaps there was an earthquake since the room was starting to spin.

“I looked in her eyes, and I immediately knew something not good was happening,” Hatteberg says.

Peters grabbed Hatteberg’s arm.

They were about to return to the newscast, and Peters was supposed to have the next story.

Hatteberg took over instead, but he had to continue holding up Peters at the same time.

“I was afraid she was going to topple off the chair,” he says.

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You don’t say

“I just love you, and I didn’t want anyone to think there was any cattiness between us.”

— Red carpet hostess and former anchorwoman Anita Cochran’s comment as she hugged and welcomed KAKE, Channel 10, anchorwoman Susan Peters to a roast in her honor Tuesday night

Hmmm, was Susan Peters invited?


Please indulge me for just a minute to share a laugh over an e-mail I received.

Its subject line proclaims: “Carrie Rengers to participate in Pancake Competition.”

Breaking news!

It’s true, though. An unnamed (what, no one else has said, “Yes,” yet?) group of other “celebrities” and I will be designing, flipping and, at one point, even tossing pancakes Wednesday to promote an April 16th event to benefit Youthville.

Reporters don’t often get press releases where they themselves are the news, so that was kind of fun.

But the thought of another food competition panics me a bit.

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