Subway Sandwiches is George Holland’s first tenant at his new retail development near Kellogg and Tyler

WICHITA — George Holland of Holland Ventures has landed his first tenant for the cow town-themed development he’s starting on more than 11 acres near the northwest corner of Kellogg and Tyler.

Subway Sandwiches will open in 1,400 square feet later this year.

Holland says Subway spent a “long time conversating back and forth” on the deal.

“They’ve been talking to me since … 2001,” he says. “We’ve been trying to get something going.”

Initially, Subway wanted to buy property, but eventually the chain settled on a long-term lease instead.

Leon Moeder of Moeder & Associates helped handle the deal.

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Encore Restaurant and Nightclub and Metro Grill enter partnership to serve food

WICHITA — Since selling his Andover restaurant, Metro Grill owner Michael Gonzalez has been thinking of ways to expand his business, which started in Towne East Square.

“I can’t stay away from the kitchen, so here I go,” says Gonzalez, who has been making pitches to other area restaurants to carry his popular sandwiches.

“He was like, ‘Hey, I know this sounds kind of crazy, but I think I have the best food in town,’” says Encore Restaurant and Nightclub owner Michael Todd, who is one of the business owners Gonzalez made his pitch to.

“I just assumed it was another guy trying to make a dollar.”

Encore is in the former O’Brien’s Irish Pub space next to Scotch & Sirloin.

Gonzalez brought along his brother, Jose, for the pitch. Todd had two thoughts after meeting them.

“Either these are the best salesmen I’ve ever seen, or they have the best food.”

So he went to Towne East to check it out.

“Sure enough, they are the best salesmen and they have great food,” Todd says. “They’re so pumped. Their food isn’t just a product they made. It’s really from their heart.”

He quizzed people he knows about Metro Grill.

“It’s just nonstop love for the place. Not a bad remark for anything from there.”

So Todd is discontinuing most of his current menu, except for pizza, and adding eight Metro Grill sandwiches and two salads. He may expand the offerings eventually.

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