Neighbor’s Restaurant & Bar owner Chuck Giles to reopen Brints Diner

Chuck Giles and Connie Schrader, who are reopening Brints Diner.

WICHITA — Chuck Giles has the happy luck of fulfilling a longtime dream while making some Wichitans very happy in the process.

Giles, who owns Neighbor’s Restaurant & Bar in Twin Lakes, is reopening Brints Diner.

“People are just freaking out because it was closed,” Giles says. “I’ve always wanted a little diner.”

He and his girlfriend, Connie Schrader, are opening the business within the next two weeks.

The more than 50-year-old Brints, which is near the northeast corner of Lincoln and Oliver, closed in October. Former owner Jessie Medina said construction in the area was to blame.

Giles has owned Neighbor’s at 21st and Amidon for more than 10 years and worked at Stroud’s for 10 years before that, first as kitchen manager and then as general manager.

“There’s just really not a lot of old restaurants left in Wichita,” he says.

That’s why he says he was interested in Brints.

“I just think the history of the place is worth something.”

The restaurant, which seats 64, is one of the city’s few remaining Valentine buildings – metal, mobile diners that Wichita’s Valentine Manufacturing built between 1938 and 1971.

“I was told there’s 13 in the country that are still operating,” Giles says.

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Stroud’s staying put for now

WICHITA — Stroud’s is going to remain where it is — for now.

There was a chance that the longtime Wichita restaurant on Hillside near 37th Street North was going to move, but owner Doug Farha has signed a new lease with options on how long he will stay.

“It’s hard to duplicate that building,” Farha says. “It’s an old building . . . but it’s got a lot of character.”

The building is out of the way compared to a lot of restaurants more prominently located, though.

“I hope we can bring it back to get some additional exposure on it,” Farha says of remodeling plans he has.

“We’re going to be fixing up the outside of the building,” he says. That includes changing the entrance of the restaurant from the rear to the front.

“We’re looking forward to getting it spruced up and staying there for the time being,” Farha says. “It’s a great destination location.”

Stroud’s owners consider a move

Strouds, a Wichita tradition, might move.

The restaurant, known for its pan-fried chicken, is on Hillside near 37th Street, which is a bit out of the way compared to other restaurants that are more centrally located or clustered on the east or west sides.

Stroud’s owners aren’t talking, but sources say their lease is up soon, and they’ve been looking for new space for some time.

Staying where they’re at — business apparently is still fine — is an option as well.

We’ll keep you posted.