Nothing personal, dude


Don’t know if you had a chance to read my article on the Steven family last week. You’d need to set aside about 20 minutes to get through the whole thing. After all, there are a lot of Stevens. Eleven children and — I didn’t stop to count — who knows how many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, uncles, aunts and cousins.

One part of the story included a sidebar on some of those extended family members. I tried to be clear that I wasn’t including everyone, but real estate agent Gary Steven still was a little surprised not to see himself.

“Everybody’s called me and gone, ‘What’s happened to you?’ ” he says.

Sorry, Gary. No disrespect.

For the record, he’s with Prudential Dinning-Beard.

For more pictures of the family — and, alas, Gary, I don’t think you’re in them — check out our Steven photo gallery.