Davis-Moore’s Lincoln dealership to move to Kellogg and Greenwich

WICHITA — On the heels of Davis-Moore Auto Group announcing the sale of its Nissan dealership, Dawson Grimsley has more news.

dawsonDavis-Moore Lincoln has a new home,” he says.

The dealership is moving to the former Lexus of Wichita space near the northeast corner of Kellogg and Greenwich. Scholfield Auto Plaza’s Lexus dealership moved further north on Greenwich near 13th Street.

“Hopefully, it’ll happen June 1,” Grimsley says of Lincoln’s move.

He says he won’t change much at the 2-acre lot.

“We’ll reface it and put Lincoln signature signs and stuff up.”

Davis-Moore also is building a new dealership for sales of Chrysler, Fiat and used cars on Kellogg across from Towne East Square. It will be ready in October.

Previously, the dealership announced it’s doing “a series of moves designed to prioritize business interests and increase efficiencies.”

Grimsley says there are several reasons the Lincoln move is included in those changes.

“First of all, the building that we’re in now, it’s not in the right spot,” he says of the current dealership on Kellogg between Edgemoor and Woodlawn. “It’s insufficient.”

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Scholfield Auto Plaza to become Wichita Luxury Collection, A Member of the Scholfield Automotive Group, and move to 13th and Greenwich

UPDATED — More than four years after first discussing a possible move, Scholfield Auto Plaza is preparing to break ground on a new luxury auto dealership near the northwest corner of 13th and Greenwich.

President and managing partner Bobby Cuillo says the new showrooms within the newly named Wichita Luxury Collection, A Member of the Scholfield Automotive Group are going on 17 acres behind Home Bank & Trust.

“They’re not going to be over-the-top or ostentatious, but there will be a tremendous amount of thoughtful touches,” Cuillo says. “No detail will be left out.”

Currently, the Lexus dealership is in 16,000 square feet at 11220 E. Kellogg. Next door, Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Porsche and Jaguar share a 30,000-square-foot showroom at 11212 E. Kellogg.

“We’ve outgrown these facilities,” Cuillo says.

The new Lexus showroom will be 26,000 square feet.

Mercedes-Benz is now going to have its own 26,000-square-foot showroom, which will be built at the same time as the Lexus showroom.

“You can see the growth that they’ve projected,” Cuillo says of Mercedes-Benz.

Within two to four years, two other new buildings will be built next to the Lexus and Mercedes-Benz showrooms. Acura most likely will have its own space, and Jaguar and Porshe will share a space.

“From an interruption standpoint … it’s easier to bite off a little at a time,” Cuillo says.

“It just makes better sense.”

Cuillo says construction may start in August, but it could be a little later. “Certainly before the year is out.”

The new showrooms will be across the intersection from Scholfield Buick GMC, which is going on the southwest corner.

At the new showrooms, there will be Starbucks outlets similar to the ones found in Dillons and Target stores.

In the Lexus dealership, there will be a putting green and a multiuse room for cooking demonstrations and salon and spa treatments. Cuillo says he’ll establish partnerships with vendors who can offer his customers diversions while they wait for their cars to be serviced. He does some of that now, but Cuillo says, “This will be on a much grander scale.”

In both dealerships, there will be glass walls at the service areas so customers can watch their cars getting serviced.

Cuillo says building separate showrooms “obviously puts the focus on one brand.”

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Scholfield Hyundai may take former east-side Saturn space

WICHITA — The east-side Scholfield Hyundai dealership may be moving to the former Saturn dealership at Central and Greenwich.

“We’re working on it,” says Steve Hatchett, managing partner of Scholfield dealerships. “We’ve worked out a potential lease agreement on it.”

Scholfield Hyundai currently is next to Scholfield Buick GMC at 7633 E. Kellogg.

“We’re just outgrowing it,” Hatchett says of the dealership’s current 18,000 square feet.

“We’ve got a showroom that’s fairly adequate (but) low on service stalls.”

At 28,000 square feet, the former Saturn space is considerably larger with a lot more service bays.

“If it’s going to happen, it would probably come about later in the year,” Hatchett says.

He’ll keep us posted.

Scholfield Select Pre-Owned Center closes

WICHITA — After less than a year in business, the Scholfield Select Pre-Owned Center has closed.

“You know, we just never really got to first base over there,” says managing partner Steve Hatchett. “Our timing was bad.”

The dealership opened late last year in the former Saturn dealership at 8800 W. Central.

That’s near where Hatchett’s group has a new and used Hyundai dealership.

“It was one too many used cars lots in the same area,” Hatchett says.

Part of the issue, he says, is “it’s got a pretty steep overhead because it was a full dealership.”

Now, Hatchett is looking for a franchise to put there, though he’d rather not say which ones he’s eyeing.

“I hate to say because, you know, there’s other guys looking at the same stuff.”

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