Sea Dreams is closed and seized by the state

WICHITA — In November, Sea Dreams owner Lynne Penny told Have You Heard? she was going to try to keep her store open despite being more than $76,000 behind in state taxes.

“I’ve been trying to work it out with them for about two years now,” she said at the time.

It didn’t work.

The state seized Penny’s assets and this week closed the 10,000-square-foot store, which sells fish, aquariums and related products.

Sea Dreams has been on East Harry in front of Office This for four of its 10 years in business.

The state says Penny owes more than $500,000 in back taxes.

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Perfection Pools to open retail location

WICHITA — For its first six years in business, Perfection Pools built and serviced pools along with servicing spas.

But the business has never had a retail component — until now.

“We’re just now opening up a retail store,” owner Danny Lang says.

The store will open Wednesday behind Sea Dreams and in front of Office This on East Harry.

Lang says he always planned a retail store, and the timing finally seems right.

“We’ve already got an existing client base, and I just want to be able to offer them a better service,” Lang says.

He’ll sell pool and spa equipment, chemicals, pumps, filters and parts. Customers can bring in water for analysis. And Lang now will begin selling Bullfrog hot tubs.

“Now I have a product to sell through the winter,” he says.

Lang likes the location for all the traffic that comes by.

At 2,500 square feet, the store isn’t huge, but that could change.

“This is probably my two-year plan,” Lang says.