Bluebird Arthouse art supply store and studio to open in former Kellogg-Buck Furniture space in Delano

UPDATED — During her pursuit of a master’s degree in fine arts — she graduated from Wichita State University in May — Emily Brookover discovered a business opportunity.

So now she’s going to open Bluebird Arthouse in the former Kellogg-Buck Furniture space at 914 W. Douglas in Delano to sell art supplies and offer an outlet for artists.

“We have a real need for it here,” Brookover says.

When she was in school, she says, “There was no place to go for materials or support or a place to ask questions.”

There are three components to Brookover’s business.

First, the store is an art materials retailer.

“That will be our number one priority,” Brookover says.

She says local craft stores offer only student-grade supplies.

“We’re going to be carrying brands and lines that you can’t get at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.”

Among lines she plans to carry are Golden for acrylic paint and Gamblin for oil paint.

Brookover will offer supplies for a range of disciplines, including drawing, sculpture, ceramics and print-making.

She’ll also rent studio space for artists, and she’ll offer classes and demonstrations.

“I’m not just an art supplier,” Brookover says. “I want to be a place for artists to come and mingle and talk and be inspired.”

She plans to offer classes that aren’t currently available here.

“I’m not interested in competing with our amazing art centers here in town.”

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Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe pays substantial amount of loan, refinances

WICHITA — It’s not quite the sweet smell of success just yet for Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe, but it looks like the restaurant’s legal troubles may be over.

“We’ve got that all worked out,” says Patty Sykes, who owns the restaurant with her family.

In June, Have You Heard? reported that the business, which is near Central and Oliver, defaulted on a $165,000 SBA loan. Citizens Bank of Kansas, which administered the loan, filed a lawsuit against the restaurant to collect the money.

“We just paid off the majority of it and just refinanced,” Sykes says.

According to court documents, Sugar Sisters recently paid more than $90,000 and has $33,415 left to pay on the loan.

Sykes says the restaurant is now making some changes in order to be more competitive.

“We’re just trying to do things that are just going to . . . obviously increase sales and customer loyalty,” Sykes says.

“We’re going to focus . . . less on the cafe side, more on the bakery side.”

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Citizens Bank of Kansas sues Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe for defaulting on SBA loan

WICHITA — Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe has defaulted on a $165,000 SBA loan, and the future of the restaurant is in question.

Citizens Bank of Kansas, which administered the loan, has filed a lawsuit against the restaurant to collect the money.

Sisters Kristine, Katie and Kelli Sykes opened the business near Central and Oliver with their mother, Patty Sykes, in spring 2008.

Court documents show they still owe more than $125,000 on their note.

“We got behind on the loan,” Katie Sykes says. “We got, like, two weeks behind pretty much.”

She adds, “There was a little bit of . . . lack of communication.”

Sykes won’t elaborate.

She says everything has been taken care of.

“Since it’s been undone, there’s really nothing to talk about,” Sykes says.

That’s not what court documents show.

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