You don’t say

“Hair and Botox are the two things that I haven’t been able to successfully transition to Tulsa.”

Sarah Haertl, formerly of Intrust Bank Arena, who now is director of marketing for Tulsa’s BOK Center and the Tulsa Convention Center but still returns to Wichita for salon services

Sarah Haertl to leave Intrust Bank Arena for BOK Center and Tulsa Convention Center

WICHITA — Sarah Haertl says there’s only one arena she would have left Intrust Bank Arena for, and now that’s what she’s doing.

“My original dream job was Intrust Bank Arena,” says Haertl, who has been the director of sales and marketing since October 2009, three months before the arena opened.

As of Sept. 10, Haertl will be the director of marketing for Tulsa’s BOK Center and the Tulsa Convention Center.

“It’s just a dream opportunity for me,” she says. “The BOK is just one of those special buildings that for whatever reason continues to exceed expectations.”

Haertl is married to Bruce Haertl, sports director for KWCH, Channel 12.

“At this point I plan to come back on weekends … and one night during the week and commute as well as we possibly can,” Sarah Haertl says. “I do not have this all figured out yet.”

The Haertls have two older children and two younger ones, and Sarah Haertl says they’re all right with her move.

“The 10-year-old is really excited because the BOK Center has a Justin Bieber date.”

You don’t say

“It’s like a circus with no elephants.”

Intrust Bank Arena director of sales and marketing Sarah Haertl, who wrote on her Facebook page that she wouldn’t follow WWE wrestling on TV but loved having it at the arena Monday night

You don’t say

“Maybe now he will stop texting me wanting to know when the Eagles are coming.”

Intrust Bank Arena spokeswoman Sarah Haertl, referring to Eagle sports columnist and Eagles fanatic Bob Lutz’s constant pestering about the band (which is coming to Wichita June 30)