Two former Scotch & Sirloin managers file lawsuit claiming they were fired after refusing to lie for the company

WICHITA — Two more former Scotch & Sirloin employees have filed a lawsuit against Scotch Investment Corp.

Former managers Saprina Almosrati and Lindsey Moate filed a federal lawsuit last week over their dismissal from the restaurant for what they say are issues related to past lawsuits waitresses have filed against the company.

Almosrati and Moate claim they were fired for their unwillingness to lie or falsify documents related to those lawsuits.

In recent years, two former waitresses sued the company claiming they were fired or reassigned jobs after becoming pregnant.

A third employee filed a lawsuit after claiming she was fired for reporting the issue over the pregnancies to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Part of that lawsuit included a claim that the Scotch has wage payment practices that are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The claim that money had been illegally deducted from waitresses’ pay for cooks and advertising became certified as a collective action.

Each of the discrimination cases was settled and the company has paid the wage claims.

Randy Rathbun, the attorney who filed the lawsuits on behalf of those clients, also is representing Almosrati and Moate in their suit against Scotch Investment.

“We’ve got a situation where they tried to cover up wrongdoing with lies,” Rathbun says. “If they would have been honest from the start and not tried to get people to lie about it . . . it would have been much less of a problem to them than it is now.”

General manager Sonny Glennon says what Almosrati and Moate are claiming is wrong.

“I really don’t think I’ve done anything,” he said. “I didn’t do anything except do what I had to do to run a business, and unfortunately, I’m going to have to listen to what other people have to say.”

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