Collective Merchants Association sues salon owner and developer Sami Halaseh

WICHITA — Salon owner and developer Sami Halaseh is in a dispute with Collective developer and Johnston’s owner J.V. Johnston.

The Collective Merchants Association has filed a lawsuit against Halaseh’s Jordan’s Place LLC.

Halaseh bought ground at the Collective, which is at East 21st Street and K-96, where he then brought Soho Salon and Mini Dental Implant Centers of America. He’s also negotiating to bring a 4,000-square-foot medical spa there.

The lawsuit is over maintenance fees for things like mowing, snow removal and the operation of fountains on the property. The merchants association is suing for $11,400 in nonpayment of those services, plus interest and attorney’s fees.

“I’m doing my own maintenance,” Halaseh says. “I’m just basically separating myself from the Collective area. That’s the dispute.”

Halaseh says he never signed anything agreeing to maintenance.

“Yeah, he signed it,” Johnston says.

“When you buy the land, you sign it just like a homeowner’s situation,” Johnston says.

“He just doesn’t want to pay. He said, ‘I’m going to take care of it myself,’ and I said, ‘No, you can’t.’ ”

Halaseh doesn’t think Johnston and the association have a case.

“I said, ‘If you want to do it that way, fine, we’ll take it to court,’ ” he says.

Johnston says the association continues to take care of all of the Collective property, including Halaseh’s.

“He’s a nice guy,” Johnston says, “but I wish he’d pay.”

Mini Dental Implant Centers of America to open at Sami Halaseh’s Soho Plaza

WICHITA — Sami Halaseh has a new tenant for Soho Plaza, his retail development at the Collective at East 21st and K-96.

Loren Loewen, a dentist with a practice in Hillsboro, is opening a Mini Dental Implant Centers of America there on Jan. 15.

“We’ll just start out with Friday, and then within hopefully a pretty short amount of time we’ll have a couple of days or maybe three,” says Loewen, who recently moved to Wichita.

For years, when Loewen’s patients wanted dental implants, he referred them to an oral surgeon.

When the surgeon retired, he told Loewen, “You should just start placing implants yourself.”

So Loewen started doing them two years ago and then learned how to do mini implants.

“They’re so much better,” he says.

Many people are “scared of implants because of the surgical part, and they’re also scared because of the financial part.”

Loewen says the surgery is minimal, and the cost is half what conventional implants are. Also, in a lot of cases, patients can walk out with new teeth without having to wait.

“That’s what I really want people to see.”