You don’t say

“I think it’s a good idea. Wichita’s just not ready for it right now maybe.”

Raul Tanguma, who moved his Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos from Towne West Square to Delano, on having a tattoo parlor at the mall

Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos can stay at Towne West Square until at least Jan. 26

WICHITA — Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos has a temporary reprieve and can remain in Towne West Square until at least Jan. 26.

Raul Tanguma and Justin Haas recently learned their 3-month-old business doesn’t have the proper zoning.

“We did receive some . . . citizen complaints,” says Kurt Schroeder, superintendent of the city’s Office of Central Inspection.

The city told them they had to be gone from the mall by last week, but they’ve been granted an extension.

Schroeder says Tanguma has been given time to decide if he and the mall want to pursue zoning changes and community unit plan amendments to get to stay.

Towne West has limited commercial zoning, which doesn’t allow tattoo parlors, and also has a CUP that further restricts uses in the mall.

A few years back, the city tightened its zoning provisions for tattoo parlors and piercing establishments.

Tanguma may seek a review to change those provisions.

“It’ll be interesting,” Schroeder says.

If Tanguma pursues zoning changes, he’ll likely need an extension past Jan. 26.

“We’re going to kind of play it by ear,” Schroeder says.

Tanguma is proceeding as if he’s going to get to stay. In fact, he wants to invite people to bring old sailor pictures to his shop so he can display them.

He’d like “actual local guys, preferably.”

Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos forced to move

WICHITA — After less than three months in business, Raul Tanguma and Justin Haas have to move their Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos from Towne West Square.

“I guess today . . . is going to be our last day — maybe,” Tanguma says.

“We’re just not zoned right for the city.”

The city notified him he has to close by Wednesday.

“I think it’s an issue that probably can be . . . resolved,” Tanguma says.

But he doesn’t think he can wait for a resolution.

“If you’re not working, you’re not making any money.”

So Tanguma thinks he’ll have to move instead. He already has a spot in mind, but that’s not his first choice.

“I’d really like to stay in the mall,” he says. “I don’t think there’s any big opposition to it.”

Tanguma met with city officials today.

“It could not be our last day is what I keep hoping.”

Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos to open in Towne West Square

WICHITA — Towne West Square continues to reinvent itself.

Earlier this year, Douley’s Billiards & Sports Bar and the Denim & Diamonds club opened there.

Now, the mall is getting its first tattoo parlor.

“Tattoo has kind of evolved to being in the mall now,” says Raul Tanguma, who next month is opening Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos with Justin Haas.

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