Aerosmith appeared in Wichita but ‘Idol’ didn’t, despite what Steven Tyler says

WICHITA — Aerosmith front man and former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler did an interview from Kansas City, Mo., today with the syndicated “Bobby Bones Show.”

“Do you travel so much that you forget where you are at times?” Bones asked.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Tyler said before unintentionally going on to prove it.

“I was on the set the other night in … Wichita, Kansas,” Tyler said.

That part was true. Aerosmith played Intrust Bank Arena Sunday night.

“Just so happened ‘Idol’ was there,” Tyler said. He went on to explain that he called up his former “Idol” buddies Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest, who said they wanted to come to his show.

“Of course, I dragged them both out on stage, which was a hoot for me. That was my coup de grace, getting them both out on stage in my world and not on the set of ‘Idol’ was a grand finale for me.”

A grand finale it may have been, but it didn’t happen in Wichita. “Idol” was taping in Oklahoma City.

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You don’t say

“… I blame Wichita. Here’s why: That’s where Kirstie Alley is from. I believe that the Scientologists have gotten together … and they have created a new strain of virus to try to kill me, like the virus in ‘Contagion.’ And I believe that they are working in tandem with Oprah and Ryan Seacrest.”

– Comedian Kathy Griffin in a Huffington Post interview on how she got the bird flu, most likely while on a recent tour that included a stop in Wichita