You don’t say

“I would hate to run into them in a dark alley.”

Dan Glickman, speaking at Rotary Monday about the tenacity of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

You don’t say

Wichita State can’t get football because if we did, KU would want football, too.”

City Council member Pete Meitzner teasingly misquoting WSU President John Bardo at Rotary Monday

You don’t say

“I’m like, are you kidding me? Do you know what you have?”

Go Wichita president and CEO Susie Santo telling the downtown Rotary club her reaction when people ask why she would leave Hollywood for Wichita

You don’t say

“I’ve got gear from all of them, so I didn’t know which one to wear.”

Rotary Club of Wichita president Chris Goebel, who has apparel from most Kansas colleges but played it safe and didn’t wear any for the group’s Hoopapalooza party with nine college head basketball coaches this week

You don’t say

“Freddy’s is immune because people haven’t learned how to cook just because the economy is bad.”

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers co-owner Scott Redler, speaking to the Rotary Club of Wichita on Monday about how his restaurant is doing well even though the economy isn’t

You don’t say

“While I was working this weekend it was so hot I had to play some Christmas music.”

Greater Wichita YMCA general executive Dennis Schoenebeck, speaking to the Rotary Club of Wichita today, on how singing “White Christmas” can be a survival tool in this heat

You don’t say

“That’s my biggest fear for the coming year.”

— New Rotary Club of Wichita president Sheryl Wohlford on her concern about falling as she climbs the stairs to the Rotary podium each Monday

‘Old Town West’ may become the ‘Coleman District’

WICHITA — When downtown consultants with Goody Clancy discussed the area where the Coleman manufacturing plant used to be at the southeast corner of Second and St. Francis, they dubbed it Old Town West.

“We’re afraid . . . that it will be called Old Town West now forever,” says downtown dweller and Wichita State University marketing professor Cindy Claycomb.

“We think that it ought to be called the Coleman District.”

The plant is now razed, and Coleman and the Rotary Club of Wichita are planning an urban park there.

There are plans for other business and residential developments nearby, and the city is redoing St. Francis to make it a two-way street and adding landscaping along it. The Coleman outlet and museum is there as well.

“That could be a nice corridor,” Claycomb says of the whole area.

She was part of a group of people who helped name the Redbud Trail instead of simply referring to it as that new bike path where the railroad tracks used to be.

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You don’t say

“In Kansas, we pop a beer and sit on the back porch to watch.”

Kroger CEO David Dillon, speaking at the Rotary Club of Wichita today, on his reaction to coworkers the first time severe thunderstorm sirens (not tornado sirens) sounded at the company headquarters in Cincinnati

You don’t say

“I like to call it your friendly neighborhood super-regional shopping center.”

Jerry Jones of Slawson Cos., speaking at Rotary Club of Wichita Monday about the company’s NewMarket Square development at 21st and Maize