US Logo to move to former Rose Bowl West

WICHITA — There was a false alarm last year at the former Rose Bowl West when a promising-looking construction trailer was in front of the building at 520 N. West St.

That deal fell through, but a new deal this year didn’t.

US Logo is moving from near Washington and Lincoln to the former bowling center, which closed in 2009.

“I like the fact that it was in a retail location where it was convenient for people,” says owner TJ Smith. “It’s difficult to find a large facility in a nice retail area.”

The new building, which the company will own, is 23,000 square feet. That compares to 6,000 square feet US Logo currently leases.

“It’s a big jump,” Smith says. “We’ve grown through the years.”

The 22-year-old company, which has been leasing space for storage in other locations, is expanding its services and staff.

“We’re expanding into some other categories of work that require additional machinery and people,” Smith says.

Until now, US Logo has offered embroidery, screen printing and promotional products.

It’s expanding to offer signs and print products, such as brochures and business cards.

“We have a full design wing,” Smith says. That’s new, too.

The company has added four employees for a total of 10.

Smith expects the move to happen in October with a grand opening to follow.

Observant readers ask some smart questions about area properties

WICHITA — Observant readers have noticed some activity at a couple of vacant buildings and are wondering what’s up.

Sadly, not much.

There was a promising-looking construction trailer in front of the former Rose Bowl West at 520 N. West St. recently, but a deal for a new tenant fell through.

On the east side, there’s been some activity at the former Sportsman’s Warehouse building at One Kellogg Place.

There’s a Halloween shop that will be opening there, but only temporarily.

Another reader was doing some checking into Chick-fil-A and whether it really is bringing a freestanding restaurant to Central and Rock in addition to the small Chick-fil-A at Wichita State University.

Chick-fil-A has confirmed it for Have You Heard?, as have the property owners, but apparently no one has told the customer service folks at the restaurant chain.

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Rose Bowl owners disappointed to close


Barbara and Forrest Jensen are upset about closing their Rose Bowl West, which Forrest’s father, Woody, opened in May 1959.

“We lost our 50-year lease,” Barbara Jensen says. “We’re pretty bitter about it right now.”

The Jensens, who have owned the business at 520 N. West St. since 1981, tried to buy the building 15 years ago. It’s owned by three trusts.

“They weren’t interested at the time,” Jensen says. “Now that it needs work done to it, they don’t want to put any money into it.”

But the owners are interested in selling now.

“We just can’t swing a deal,” Jensen says.

“It’s hard to explain,” she says of how she feels right now. “How would you feel working your butt off for years, and they don’t want to deal with you?”

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Rose Bowl West to close

After 50 years in business, the Rose Bowl West at 520 N. West St. is closing.

The Jensen family opened the business in May 1959. It looks like the business is closing because of a lease situation. The family owned the business but not the building.

There will be a May 30 auction of the Rose Bowl’s contents.

Check here later today for more information.