Schauf brothers to open Flying Stove mobile food business this fall

WICHITA — Australia’s loss is Wichita’s gain.

Brothers Jeff and Rob Schauf have recently returned to Wichita from Venice, Calif., to open the Flying Stove mobile restaurant.

It’s an idea they first planned to start in Australia but decided to try in their hometown instead.

They’ve purchased a step van that’s now in Houston to be outfitted with cooking equipment. By late September or early October, they’ll hit the streets.

“We’re going to be on the move quite a bit,” Jeff Schauf says.

Social media will be a big part of how they get the word out about where they’ll be.

“That’s going to be our backbone, I think,” Schauf says.

The brothers hope to park their business at places such as bars that don’t serve food, schools, liquor stores and banks.

“We really want to team up with more like private businesses,” Jeff Schauf says.

He says catering and privates parties are options, too.

“The possibilities are really endless.”

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