Rockin’ Rick Regan lands at KWLS

WICHITA — Rockin’ Rick Regan soon will be back on the air full time.

Regan lost his job at Clear Channel’s KZSN, 102.1-FM, last fall.

Now, starting May 1, he’s going to host the afternoon drive on Larry Steckline’s KWLS, 107.9-FM.

“It’s very cool,” Regan says. “I am so pumped. I have so missed it.”

Regan has been doing voiceover work in the interim and will continue to do so.

“When I got blown out of Clear Channel, I had to do something.”

Steckline says he was thrilled to hire Regan, who he says has been a top personality in the market for more than two decades and loves the community.

“Years ago, I discovered that the thing I like most about being on the radio is going out and doing all the community stuff,” Regan says.

He says he’s happy to continue that with KWLS and its country fans.

“I guess there’s something really special about this radio station.”

You don’t say

“After 25 years of doing afternoon drive, it took them about two minutes to send me out the door.”

— Rockin’ Rick Regan who, along with a few other Clear Channel Radio co-workers, lost his job at KZSN-FM, 102.1, Tuesday (reach Regan at