You don’t say

“Yay! Blackened T-Shirts!”

– Wichitan Mike Rishell’s (@mikerishell) tweet after he heard Tad’s Locker Room is going in the Red Bean’s Bayou Grill space

Tad’s Locker Room to open in former Red Bean’s Bayou Grill space

WICHITA — From restaurant to locker room.

The former Red Bean’s Bayou Grill near 21st and Ridge is going to be the new home of a west-side Tad’s Locker Room.

The original Tad’s is in Cambridge Market at 21st and Webb on the east side.

tadtwo“It just fell in place,” owner Tad Snarenberger says of the deal.

He almost had a different west-side deal and had preordered merchandise when it fell through.

“God has really helped us do this because we didn’t have a place to go,” Snarenberger says.

The 5,400-square-foot space is just over what the east-side store has.

“It’s just like a large ranch,” Snarenberger says of the long space.

Snarenberger’s store, which sells sports apparel and memorabilia, used to be called Sports Time Fan Shop until he and a partner split in 2012.

There’s still a Sports Time Fan Shop in NewMarket Square up the road from where Tad’s will open.

Snarenberger says he feels like Tad’s has a strong enough market presence now to open a second shop.

Intrust Bank has my back on this,” he says.

Snarenberger thinks his store works because of his strong staff and because he’s in the shop daily, which he’ll continue to be at both stores.

“Yeah, he’s a local guy,” he says customers say. “He’s doing the local thing.”

The new store likely will open in early October.

“It is a huge leap,” Snarenberger says. “It’s exciting.”

You don’t say

“We don’t want to rent it. We want to sell it.”

– Auctioneer Bud Palmer, at the Red Bean’s Bayou Grill auction Monday, to a woman who bid $20 for a sculpture of three frogs playing instruments on top of a wooden spool (which she ended up buying for $170)

Blue Moon Caterers to move to former Two Brothers BBQ and Burger Grill space on west Central and open event center

WICHITA — Last month, Have You Heard? reported Bill Rowe was close to finalizing a deal for new space to operate his Blue Moon Caterers.

Late Thursday, he did.

“Blue Moon has a new home,” Rowe says.

He’s leasing the former Two Brothers BBQ and Burger Grill space at 8406 W. Central across from Bishop Carroll Catholic High School.

The 10-year-old Blue Moon has been sharing a kitchen with Rowe’s Red Bean’s Bayou Grill at 7447 W. 21st St.

“It’s kind of goofy what we have to do to make it work,” he says. “It’s so tiny. It’s amazing that our staff can get 2,000 meals out on a Saturday night.”

The new space is about 6,600 square feet, which will be used for catering and event rental space.

“It has a larger kitchen, which is well laid out for our needs,” Rowe says. “We’ve grown dramatically in the last few years.”

He won’t begin moving into the new space until March.

“We’re still on the tail end of wedding season, and the holiday season is coming up, and it’s got its own insanity.”

April is the start of the next wedding season, and Rowe has a few things to do to get the new space ready.

“The timing worked out very nicely,” he says.

Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial Partners and Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

The banquet room will seat about 275 for a wedding or more if it’s for another event, such as a cocktail party.

The last Friday in March will be the first date the new space is available to rent.

“The architecture lends itself to a Tuscan look,” Rowe says. “It’s a gorgeous building.”

He says it also inspired a name for the space: Villa Luna, which means House of the Moon.

“An obvious homage to Blue Moon.”

Blue Moon Caterers looking for new space

WICHITA — Bill Rowe is looking for new space for his Blue Moon Caterers.

Currently, the 10-year-old company shares a kitchen with his Red Bean’s Bayou Grill site at 7447 W. 21st St., but Rowe says it’s not big enough for both staffs.

“We need a traffic light in our kitchen on Fridays and Saturdays,” he says. “It is insane. We are busy.”

Rowe says that “Blue Moon has grown explosively in the last year and a half.”

“We’re turning away work because we just don’t have the kitchen capacity.”

Rowe says he’d also like to have an events center so he can cater parties and meetings and rent the space, too.

“That would be nice,” he says. “It’s not critical.”

Rowe is close to a deal for west-side space, but it’s not done. Regardless of whether it works out or he needs to look elsewhere, he’d like to finalize something in time to be in new space by April.

“I would like to have us move by next wedding season.”

Steve Robl lands three new tenants for Barrington Place on the west side

WICHITA — The new year is starting off well for Steve Robl of Robl Construction, and it may bode well for others, too.

“I see just a general better attitude in real estate,” Robl says.

There are three new tenants for his Barrington Place on West 21st Street west of Ridge Road, which is where Red Bean’s Bayou Grill and Jason’s Deli are.

Sunflower Title is taking 1,800 square feet.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is taking 1,400 square feet.

And Advantage Partners, a real estate company, is taking 1,600 square feet.

“It creates a fantastic synergy having us three . . . next to each other,” says Advantage owner and broker Eric Henderson. “It’s just a fantastic opportunity.”

He says that area has a prime housing market, too.

“It’s such a great time to buy, which is one of the reasons we’re moving to that west-side location,” Henderson says. “As far as visibility, it just makes sense for us.”

Advantage will open there in early April and also keep its space at Office This at 4031 E. Harry.

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