King’s Family Sale & Resale furniture store to close after 60 years, but the date isn’t set

WICHITA — Sixty years after opening his King’s Family Sale & Resale furniture shop at Harry and Hillside, Tony King is preparing to close it.

Whether that’s in three weeks or sometime in the new year, he hasn’t decided.

King is selling his land at the southwest corner of the intersection to CVS, which is putting a pharmacy there.

Don Ablah and his son, Christian, of Classic Real Estate handled the deal.

It looks like King may be leaning toward staying open until CVS starts construction.

“The answer’s probably yes — if I can last that long,” says the 92-year-old, laughing.

As a third generation builder, King says he probably shouldn’t have ventured into furniture sales.

“I probably never should have gotten into a retail store,” he says. “Not my specialty.”

He says he opened it “to give my wife a job.”

Pat King had been a teacher.

“I made her into a furniture sales lady,” Tony King says. “I had to learn the business the hard way.”

At the time they opened the store, it was in the corner of the strip center at the intersection.

They briefly closed the store when Pat King became ill about a decade ago. When Tony King reopened it about a year later, it was in the building behind the former store, where it’s been since.

Habitat For Humanity ReStore is now in the corner space but is moving out within the month to its new home in the Plaza West shopping center at Central and West.

“I may be back in the corner again,” King says.

He says he can’t lease the Habitat space to anyone else for the short time it’ll be vacant, which is part of the reason he’s considering moving in.

“I don’t particularly want to. I think we do all right right here.”

So why bother?

“Well, we’ve got a lot to sell.”

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Habitat for Humanity ReStore to move to Plaza West and double in size

WICHITA — The Habitat for Humanity ReStore shop is doubling its space with a move to the Plaza West shopping center at the southwest corner of Central and West.

“We are just growing,” says director Katrina McGuigan. “We’re getting a lot of good stuff coming in from our donors and just needed to find a bigger showroom floor space.”

The ReStore shop is a retail discount home improvement store that has new and used merchandise donated by the public.

“We exist to support Habitat for Humanity,” McGuigan says.

The current showroom is 6,000 square feet at the southwest corner of Harry and Hillside. The new one will be 12,000 square feet and have 3,000 square feet more for storage.

“Our loyal customers will easily follow us,” McGuigan says. “And we’ll have a whole new, fresh set of customers on that side of town.”

She says the new store will be in a more visible, high-traffic area with a Walmart Neighborhood Market in the same center and Dillons across the street.

“This just makes all the sense in the world for us.”

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Fashion women’s boutique to open second store at Eastgate Plaza

WICHITA — What’s fashionable in west Wichita soon will be on the east side as well.

The Fashion women’s boutique at Central and West is getting a sister store.

Andy Young Lee and his wife, immigration lawyer Jihyun Kim, own the 7,500-square-foot store at Plaza West.

Their second store will be at Eastgate Plaza at Kellogg and Rock.

“There’s totally two different markets — east and west,” Kim says of Wichita.

The east store will start out smaller with about 2,500 square feet.

Andy Boyd of Walter Morris Cos. handled the deal.

“We’ve been looking for this location for a while, actually,” Kim says.

She hoped for more space, but she says the only other space at Eastgate was more than 10,000 square feet, and she says that’s more than she and her husband are ready for.

The location was a draw nonetheless.

“It gets a lot of traffic,” Kim says.

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Mattress Hub continues rapid expansion

WICHITA — Wichita-based Mattress Hub is continuing its aggressive expansion across the region with several new stores and several more in the works.

“It’s just because we’re crazy, I guess,” says Mark Barrientos, who is partners in the business with Ryan Baty.

Friday, they opened a new 7,000-square-foot store at 611 S. Dugan, which is what Barrientos calls Mattress Mile because of all the mattress competition along there.

“We had a great grand opening response,” he says.

Then it was on to Stillwater, Okla., where a Mattress Hub opened Tuesday.

Next is the Mattress Hub Clearance Center, which will open next month at the Plaza West shopping center at Central and West. That’s where Wal-Mart is building one of its Neighborhood Markets.

Barrientos says the 4,000-square-foot clearance center makes sense because of the company’s 12-month comfort guarantee, which allows customers to return mattresses for up to a year. The store mostly will be stocked with those returns.

In early July, Mattress Hubs will open in Dodge City and Topeka, which will make 14 stores for the 3½-year-old company.

“Yeah, it’s pretty good growth,” Barrientos says.

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Buffet City to move within Plaza West

WICHITA — The new Walmart Neighborhood Market coming to Central and West will displace Buffet City, but the restaurant won’t have to move far.

Buffet City will remain at the Plaza West shopping center on the southwest corner of the intersection.

Instead of continuing to face Central, it will face West Street when it moves across from Dillons in two weeks.

Yuki Lin, whose family owns the business, says they’re planning several changes with the move.

The 8,000-square-foot space — compared to the restaurant’s current 7,000 square feet — will be large enough for a banquet room.

The grill will change from a Mongolian grill to a Japanese grill, which Lin says is more popular.

There also will be a sushi bar and an expanded buffet.

“People will enjoy it when they come in,” Lin says.

New Furniture Disposal to open at Plaza West

WICHITA — Former Weekends Furniture & Sleep Shop owner David Davis closed his Derby store in April and now plans a new furniture store in Wichita.

New Furniture Disposal will open June 4 at the Plaza West shopping center at the southwest corner of Central and West. That’s also where Wal-Mart is looking to open one of its Neighborhood Markets.

“They do have something in the works with Wal-Mart, too,” Davis says of the owners of that space. “If they take it, then they take it.”

Davis is leasing month-to-month and will be prepared to relocate if the Wal-Mart deal happens.

Davis says he’s selling a few things from Weekends that didn’t sell previously. Mostly, though, he’s buying furniture from factories that have excess inventory due to the economy.

Also at that corner, look for the renovated Taco Shop to reopen in mid-June.