Crown Uptown Theatre management group faces state tax delinquencies in addition to a federal lien

WICHITA — An almost $62,000 federal tax lien isn’t all the group running the Crown Uptown Theatre is facing.

Earlier this week, Have You Heard? reported that Uptown Management Group, which took over the theater near Douglas and Hillside in 2009, is behind on federal taxes.

According to state figures filed this week, the group also owes almost $84,000 in state taxes.

“Well that’s not accurate because they’re estimating,” says Robert Brinkley, the group’s manager.

He can’t say how much the group owes.

“We’re still working out the details. I really don’t want to say something that’s inaccurate.”

Brinkley says he doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, though.

“I can tell you this . . . we’re moving forward.”

One thing that hasn’t moved forward is the costume shop Brinkley previously told Have You Heard? that he planned.

He hoped to open Uptown Emporium & Costume Shop in the former Persian Bazaar space next to Crown Uptown. Brinkley says he planned to have it open by Halloween.

“We just didn’t get it done in time.”

He can’t say if he’ll open it this year.

“I don’t know.”

Crown Uptown Theatre owner to open Uptown Emporium & Costume Shop

WICHITA — Perhaps you’d like to be one of the “Church Basement Ladies” for Halloween or one of the “Guys and Dolls” characters.

Pick your favorite Crown Uptown Theatre show from the last 32 years, and there’s a good chance theater owner Robert Brinkley will have a costume from it for you to rent.

Brinkley is opening Uptown Emporium & Costume Shop in the former Persian Bazaar space next to the Crown Uptown at Douglas and Hillside.

That also happens to be just across the street from where Campbell’s Costume Emporium once was.

“We’ve kind of kicked the idea around for a long time,” Brinkley says. “A lot of our stock . . . just sits around.”

Customers will be able to rent costumes and related items.

“We’ll use it as a costume shop for our shows, too,” Brinkley says. “It’ll support what we do at the Crown.”

Barb Schoenhofer, a popular Wichita actress for many years, will manage Uptown Emporium.

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