Willowbend Animal Hospital to open on the east side in August

Michael Johnson and his dogs, Marty and Mabel.

WICHITA — Veterinarian Michael Johnson, who has practiced in the Wichita area for 17 years, is opening his own animal hospital next month.

Willowbend Animal Hospital will open Aug. 8 at 7606 E. 37th St. North, which is between Rock Road and Woodlawn.

“I just wanted a facility that I could provide the services that I want to for my clients and my pets,” Johnson says. “Specifically, I’m very passionate about managing chronic pain with pets.”

Johnson says pet owners often are unaware their pets are in pain.

“They expect the pet to act like we do when they’re in pain, and that’s not how they act,” he says.

For instance, he says, dogs are pack animals who wouldn’t want to show pain to others.

“They’d be hiding it if they could.”

Johnson says cats go into seclusion, which may be difficult to differentiate from their regular behavior.

Some issues, he says, owners may chalk up to the aging process, when actually their animals are in pain.

“I just believe that our pets can not speak for themselves,” Johnson says. “They suffer quietly for years with undiagnosed and untreated pain, and they never enjoy life as fully as they could.”

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Tierra Verde Development set to break ground in Bel Aire

WICHITA — The multifaceted Tierra Verde Development near 47th North and Webb in Bel Aire will be under construction within a month.

“It’s really coming together a lot better than we expected with the economy being such that it is,” says architect Paul Cavanaugh, who is working with Terrie and Stephen Grillot on the 77-acre project.

The three are about to begin a bid process to build roads in the development, where they are buying another 80 acres and have an option for 70 more.

Construction of the first phase — which includes a spa and sports complex — will begin as soon as the first roads are in.

Several years ago, Terrie Grillot had a vision for a surgical recovery spa. After a potential deal with a local country club didn’t work out, she began looking for land to start one from scratch.

That’s when she first talked with Cavanaugh about possibly being the architect for the project.

“The more I got involved with it, the more I realized it was really a good thing for a lot of different reasons,” Cavanaugh says.

The development’s green approach — with sustainable and recyclable materials — is partly what attracted him.

“We’re trying to make it a green, Earth-friendly development, and I thought that was really worthwhile,” he says.

Terrie Grillot and Cavanaugh have made deals or are in final negotiations for several deals in the first phase. They include:

– The Healing Center at Tierra Verde, which Terrie Grillot and physician Lisa Weber will develop. It will be, in part, a place for patients to prepare or recover from procedures elsewhere.

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