You don’t say

“So I had to find him and high-five him.”

Papa John’s franchisee Terry Newman, who saw the Shockers win on Saturday and then was deluged with texts that Tekele Cotton was walking around the arena with a Papa John’s pizza

Papa John’s near 21st and Amidon closes; New location could serve Valley Center and Park City

pizzaWICHITA — The Papa John’s near 21st and Amidon has closed, but almost everyone in that delivery area will be served by two existing stores until a new one opens.

“We’re trying to find another location,” says Terry Newman, who is partners in the business with Frank Carney.

This Papa John’s was open almost 10 years, but Newman says the rent was rising too much to continue to stay.

He says this could be an opportunity to move farther north and begin serving Valley Center and Park City.

“We’ve been looking all around,” Newman says.

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Reading Room moves to Delano

The Christian Science Reading Room is now in Delano at 702 W. Douglas next to Pizza Hut.

The bookstore, which is affiliated with Second Church of Christ, Scientist, used to have locations in the Petroleum Building downtown and on East Central near Papa John’s.

“We’ve moved from one pizza place to the next,” says Ann Garvey, a volunteer for the store.

“It is kind of like putting both of our other reading rooms together,” says Garvey’s sister Julie Sheppard, the staff librarian.

The new space is 1,600 square feet.

“We wanted to find a place that had more pedestrian activity, that was more central, that was more easily accessible,” Garvey says. “We’re delighted to be in Delano.”

Sheppard likes it because it’s a neighborhood, and it has great foot traffic.

“It’s really fun,” she says.