Panda Express to open at Derby Marketplace

WICHITA — Panda Express is going to open a third Wichita-area restaurant, this time in Derby.

The fast casual concept will go in the Derby Marketplace at Meadowlark and Rock Road. Panda will be in 2,350 square feet on the opposite end of the building where Starbucks is.

There’s another 3,200 square feet left to lease in the building.

The California-based Panda entered the Wichita market in 2010 with stores on Maize Road in front of Academy Sports & Outdoors and at One Kellogg Place on East Kellogg.

Leisa Lowry of J.P. Weigand & Sons represents the chain in the Wichita area.

Panda is similar to Chipotle in that diners walk through a line and first select a starch — steamed or fried rice or chow mein — and vegetables followed by two to three entrees.

Entrees consist of traditional Chinese dishes such as kung pao chicken, sweet-and-sour pork and beef and broccoli.

Look for more details on the Derby Panda as they become available.

Echo Hills developer Mike Loveland tells Park City chamber he’ll have “something of significance” to announce soon

WICHITA — Mike Loveland is quiet to the point of silent about his deals, and it wasn’t much different Wednesday when he agreed to speak to the Park City Chamber of Commerce about his Echo Hills project.

“You said a whole bunch of stuff without saying anything,” one attendee said to Loveland on his way out the door.

Loveland did share one little-known detail about the 80-acre project northwest of Interstate 135 and 53rd Street North in Park City.

“I was looking for a site for a nighttime golf course,” he said of how he first started looking at the land around 2000.

He said it then occurred to him what an incredible retail site it would make. Loveland says it took a while, but he closed on the land in 2010, which he says wasn’t a great time to start attracting interest.

“I wish I could have made it go faster,” he said.

“In ’12 they started talking again,” he said of potential retail tenants.

Loveland said he’d been close to a big deal for an anchor tenant.

“I‘m not saying who it was,” he said. But he added that “Cabela’s beat ’em to the punch” when it announced it would open at Regency Lakes in Wichita.

Loveland said he’s now close on another possible anchor tenant, which he thinks he has an almost 90 percent chance of landing, along with another one that he thinks is a 50-50 chance.

“Those anchors have such an effect,” he said of attracting smaller tenants.

He expects to announce “something of significance” within a month.

“We’re really close. I wish I could tell you who they are.”

Loveland said attracting major retailers to that area is a battle similar to what Derby once faced.

“You had to beg people to come down to Derby, Kansas,” he said.

That, of course, changed in a big way with retailers such as Lowe’s, Target and Kohl’s opening there.

“That’s what I’m in hopes of here in Echo Hills,” Loveland said.

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Fifth Wichita-area Sport Clips Haircuts salon to open at One Kellogg Place

WICHITA — Sport Clips Haircuts franchisee Roger Haynes-Robertson has signed a deal for his fifth Wichita-area salon, this time at One Kellogg Place at Kellogg and Greenwich.

“It just made the most sense,” Haynes-Robertson says of picking that location.

He already has stores near 21st and Maize Road, 21st and Rock Road, Maple and Ridge and in Derby.

“The distance from the other locations is ideal,” Haynes-Robertson says of the newest site.

The salon caters to men and has a sports theme and locker-room feel with plenty of TVs for sports viewing.

The new salon’s 1,500 square feet will be two doors from Planet Sub. Look for it to open in late October or early November.

Third Wichita PetSmart may open at One Kellogg Place at Kellogg and Greenwich

WICHITA — It looks like a third PetSmart is coming to Wichita.

Sources say the company is looking to build a more than 26,000-square-foot store at One Kellogg Place at Kellogg and Greenwich.

A company spokeswoman says she can’t comment until a lease is signed.

There are already PetSmart sites at 3615 N. Rock Road and at 533 S. Tracy.

Observant readers ask some smart questions about area properties

WICHITA — Observant readers have noticed some activity at a couple of vacant buildings and are wondering what’s up.

Sadly, not much.

There was a promising-looking construction trailer in front of the former Rose Bowl West at 520 N. West St. recently, but a deal for a new tenant fell through.

On the east side, there’s been some activity at the former Sportsman’s Warehouse building at One Kellogg Place.

There’s a Halloween shop that will be opening there, but only temporarily.

Another reader was doing some checking into Chick-fil-A and whether it really is bringing a freestanding restaurant to Central and Rock in addition to the small Chick-fil-A at Wichita State University.

Chick-fil-A has confirmed it for Have You Heard?, as have the property owners, but apparently no one has told the customer service folks at the restaurant chain.

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Brats n Hots restaurant to open on the east side this spring; franchises to follow

WICHITA — Lots of people dream of owning their own restaurants to create their favorite dishes for others.

That’s not why Mike Nicholas is opening Brats n Hots.

“I’m not doing it because I’ve always been a hot dog lover or anything like that,” he says.

Nicholas is starting the business to then franchise it. He wanted to create a franchise with low start-up costs to attract others.

He’s had success in the hospice business with Promises Kept Hospices, and now he’s taking those business skills to the restaurant industry.

“I guess I consider myself more of a business person than a restaurateur.”

The first Brats n Hots will open this spring in the strip center on South Greenwich across from One Kellogg Place where Walmart is.

Nicholas says he’s targeting March 1, “but that means probably April 1.”

Brats n Hots will be a Chipotle-style concept where customers can order at a counter and look at what ingredients they might like on their brats and hot dogs.

There will be 30 toppings available, such as sauerkraut and grilled onions.

“The list just goes on and on,” Nicholas says.

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Panda Express to open on Maize Road in front of Lowe’s

WICHITA — California-based Panda Express has chosen a second Wichita site.

The first Panda will open in early December at One Kellogg Place on East Kellogg where Walmart is.

The second will be on Maize Road in front of Lowe’s.

“It’s the logical place for us to go,” says Susan Flesher, Panda’s real estate manager.

She likes the new retail stores, especially big ones like Lowe’s, opening in the area.

The restaurant will locate on the second pad site north of the Lowe’s entrance.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Long John Silver’s Freshside Grille and Cinnamon’s Deli are on the pad sites to the south.

The west-side Panda will be 2,700 square feet, which is a bit bigger than the east side’s 2,448 square feet.

Flesher says the extra space is for some expanded offerings, though it’s not yet clear what those offerings will be.

Leisa Lowry of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the space and is representing Panda in the market.

Look for the west-side Panda to open this spring.

Petland owner is spouse of previous owner

WICHITA — There’s more to the Petland story than owner Brad Bockus revealed earlier this week.

Turns out he’s married to Colleen Bradley, whose Cappuccino Inc. previously owned the franchise at One Kellogg Place at Kellogg and Greenwich.

“What can I say?” Bockus says. “It’s like a lot of other small businesses out there. The economy was just staggering to the point where Cappuccino closed in May.”

Bockus says his wife won’t be involved in the business.

“It’s me running this place now.”

So why reopen it?

“I’m a little crazy.”

He’s also making some changes, including renegotiating the lease.

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Petland to reopen at One Kellogg Place

WICHITA — After weeks and weeks of the corporate office at Petland saying it didn’t know what was going on with the store here, there’s now an answer.

But not from corporate.

The previous owner closed the store at One Kellogg Place at Kellogg and Greenwich this spring.

Now, Brad Bockus, who is retired from the Air Force, is reopening it.

“I love animals,” says Bockus, who has a cat, a dog, “a few fish and a little mouse.”

The 7,000-square-foot store will remain mostly the same, though it will no longer sell fish.

It will sell bunnies, ferrets, hamsters, dogs and some kittens.

The store also will carry pet products and premium pet food.

Bockus hopes to open sometime in August.

Panda Express to open at One Kellogg Place

WICHITA — Panda Express has chosen One Kellogg Place on East Kellogg where Wal-Mart is for its first Wichita site.

Last year, Have You Heard? reported the California-based chain of more than 1,300 restaurants wanted to come to the Wichita area.

The first Panda will be in a freestanding 2,449-square-foot building with a drive-through between Pizza Hut and IHOP.

It will be ready in the fall.

“We just like the energy that surrounds that area,” says Susan Flesher, Panda’s real estate manager.

She specifically points to the nearby traffic and daytime population.

“We just felt like that was a good first site.”

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