Sister Moses owner Linda Burton has two new sister businesses: Traveling Sister and Calamity Jane’s Resale

UPDATED — Sister Moses is no longer an only child.

Linda Burton, who owns the shop at Comotara Center at 29th and Rock Road, now has two sister companies –  literally and figuratively.

In July, she started Traveling Sister, which is something of a traveling boutique where she can sell clothing and accessories in people’s homes and at events.

Next month, Burton is opening Calamity Jane’s Resale in Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn.

So much new business at once is creating some chaos in Burton’s world.

“It’s so bad, one of the girls is working out of the bathroom,” she says, laughing.

Burton says Traveling Sister has already gone as far as Texas, where Sister Moses has a lot of online customers.

“This weekend in Leavenworth, it was insane,” Burton says.

The events are parties of at least about 20 women, who can sip wine and shop in a friend’s home or at an event.

“It’s networking, and it’s finding out about more places that we can go to,” Burton says. “The great thing about it is it’s 20 girls that are being waited on.”

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Beau Monde Spa and Boutique to expand at Comotara Center

WICHITA — Michele Wheeler began contemplating expanding her Beau Monde Spa and Boutique at Comotara Center more than a year ago.

With the entry of six new national competitors in the market, though, she figured she better wait before she made the investment.

She’s not waiting anymore.

“I just decided that it was the right time,” Wheeler says.

She’s adding 2,000 more square feet to her almost 6,000-square-foot space at the center at 29th and Rock Road. That’s where Eccentricity was before moving to part of the former Olive Tree Bistro space.

“I knew we had a great clientele,” Wheeler says.

Still, it was daunting when a new Sephora opened at Bradley Fair and two more opened within JC Penney stores. There also are two new Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance stores, which are at NewMarket Square and Eastgate Plaza, and a Bare Escentuals at Towne East Square.

“I had to wait kind of wait and see what was going to happen,” Wheeler says. “We just had to stay true to our game and let everybody go check it out.”

She thinks Beau Monde has continued to do well in part because customers have “gotten behind that ‘shop local.’”

Also, she says, “It’s a little more personal attention when you come in here.”

In addition to the spa, Beau Monde offers makeup and skincare products.

Wheeler was prompted to finally take the extra space for a couple of reasons.

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Eccentricity to move this week and change names to Sister Moses

WICHITA — More than a year ago, Eccentricity owner Linda Burton planned to move within Comotara Center at 29th and Rock Road to the former Olive Tree Bistro space.

Thursday, she’s finally doing it.

“It’s been a long process, but we’re here,” she says.

Along with the expansion into 3,800 square feet, Burton is changing the name of the eclectic shop — it sells women’s clothing, home furnishings and bath products — to Sister Moses.

That’s also the name of a new line of clothing she’s created.

“We’re going to have it exclusively for this store right now,” Burton says.

Her plan is to eventually sell it at other shops as well.

Burton chose the Sister Moses name for a couple of reasons.

First, she calls just about everyone who walks in her shop “sister.”

“I’m always like, ‘Hey, sister, how ya doin’?’ ”

Burton also identifies with Moses, as in the Ten Commandments Moses.

“He was a numbers man. Think about it,” she says. “That would be me.”

Eccentricity also was a tricky name for people, Burton says.

“It was a big mouthful to say. No one ever pronounced it right.”

Burton has changed the name of her shop once before. When she opened 20 years ago, she called it Cricket & Co.

She’s not afraid to change the name again.

“Everybody asks me that,” Burton says.

She’s just thrilled to be in her new space, regardless of the name.

“It’s good. It’s all good.”

Piccadilly Express at the Cargill building downtown closes

WICHITA — After 13 years in the Cargill building downtown at 151 N. Main, Piccadilly Express has closed.

“Last Friday, Piccadilly was notified that they were not going to make the cut for those being considered to provide food services here in the building,” says Cargill spokesman Mike Martin.

“They were given three weeks’ notice and basically given the notice as soon as it was decided they would not make the cut, and they ceased operations immediately.”

No one with Latour Management, which owned the restaurant, returned calls for comment.

This is the latest restaurant in what has become the dismantling of a dining dynasty in Wichita.

Latour’s Chelsea’s Bar & Grill and Olive Tree Bistro were evicted from Comotara Center late last year.

The west-side Piccadilly closed in 2005.

The east-side Piccadilly and Bagatelle Bakery are the only restaurants Latour has left.

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Karma wellness studio to open in former Chelsea’s Bar and Grill space

WICHITA — There’s another new tenant for the former Latour Management space at Comotara Center at 29th and Rock, and this one has a lot of Karma.

That’s the name of the new wellness studio that Rebecca Lee will open in October in 3,600 square feet of the former Chelsea’s Bar and Grill.

“This is going to be a total experience for whoever walks through the door,” Lee says.

She’ll offer Pilates, yoga, personal training and Thai massage.

Lee will partner with others, such as nutritionists, to expand what she can offer. She’s interested in partnering with anyone who has creative solutions for wellness.

“Part of my mantra is accepting everybody,” Lee says of potential clients.

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Jeremy Wade starts Jeremy Wade Catering and partners with Corporate Caterers of Wichita

1031econ_br2WICHITA — Chef Jeremy Wade has left Yia Yia’s Eurobistro to start Jeremy Wade Catering and join forces with Corporate Caterers of Wichita owner Ben Arnold.

The two will be owners in both companies.

“It’s a project I’ve chased for almost two years,” Arnold says of working with another caterer.

He started talking to Wade a year and a half ago.

“There’s a really, really strong need for a catering company with a very independent and strong culinary background,” Arnold says.

By independent, he means one not tied to a restaurant.

“Catering is always a side job to them,” he says.

Arnold says high-end restaurants call him looking for catering help.

“Wichita has a real need for upscale catering,” Wade says.

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Eccentricity to move to former Olive Tree Bistro space

WICHITA — Eccentricity owner Linda Burton has been working on leasing the former Olive Tree Bistro space since December.

When several other parties also recently showed interest, she realized she had to act fast.

“It was a quick decision,” Burton says.

The 3,680-square-foot space at Comotara Center is now hers.

That means she’ll be moving from several doors down where she already has 2,200 square feet at the center, which is at 29th and Rock.

“We’re busting out the seams here,” Burton says.

In addition to being nearby, the Olive Tree space is special to Burton.

“I loved that building forever.”

Check back later today for more details.

Corporate Caterers of Wichita owner likely to take over Broadview Hotel restaurant

WICHITA — Drury Southwest is moving ahead with its major overhaul of the Broadview Hotel, which includes reconfiguring its restaurant space and finding an outside entity to run it.

There’s not a final deal yet, but it looks like Ben Arnold of Corporate Caterers of Wichita will be the new restaurant operator and handle catering for the banquet room.

Arnold also recently took over the former Olive Tree Bistro banquet space near 29th and Rock.

A well-known Wichita chef is likely to run the restaurant for Arnold.

Arnold isn’t commenting, and Broadview general manager Scott Ragatz will say only that Drury is still in negotiations for the space.

The new two-story restaurant will be near First and Waco. The front of the hotel will face the river by the time renovations are complete.

“We’re excited about the new plan,” Ragatz says. “We’ve waited a long time for the proper ownership to come in and have the wherewithal and the imagination to put a project like this together.”

Corporate Caterers of Wichita to take former Olive Tree Bistro banquet space

WICHITA — Since last year, Ben Arnold of Corporate Caterers of Wichita has been eyeing the former Olive Tree Bistro banquet hall at Comotara Center at 29th and Rock for expansion.

He didn’t think a deal would happen, though, because he doesn’t need the former Olive Tree and Chelsea’s restaurant space.

“It was too much space,” he says.

Now, he’s worked out an arrangement with RP Realty Partners to take just the banquet room.

RP will lease the two restaurant spaces for retail.

Late last year, Latour Management was evicted for nonpayment of rent following a feud over maintenance issues.

Antoine Toubia, the late founder of the company, first opened a restaurant there in 1987.

Arnold will sign a lease for the 13,200 square feet of banquet and kitchen space Friday.

By May 1st, following some remodeling, he’ll be ready to accept catering functions for up to 400 people.

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Olive Tree Bistro and Chelsea’s Bar and Grill will be gone by the end of the month

WICHITA — The Olive Tree Bistro and Chelsea’s Bar and Grill will be gone from 29th and Rock by the end of November.

Latour Management is being evicted from the space, where it’s been since Antoine Toubia, the late founder of the company, moved there in 1987.

Latour is being evicted for what the landlord says is nonpayment of rent.

Latour president Joumana Toubia, Antoine’s sister, says she stopped paying because of maintenance issues.

Toubia is throwing a party for customers from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

“We’re inviting our patrons to come and celebrate our legacy,” she says.

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