McKenzie & Associates to open at Occidental Plaza

WICHITA — Marriage and family therapist Mac McKenzie has left the Parker Group at Occidental Plaza downtown, but he hasn’t gone far.

“I am branching out on my own,” McKenzie says.

His new practice, McKenzie & Associates, also will be at Occidental Plaza at Second and Main.

“It’s smack dab in the middle of town,” McKenzie says. “It’s nice to be kind of centrally located.”

McKenzie will treat any age patient. He’s a certified play therapist and specializes in trauma treatment.

Stephanie Wiens and Chad Stafford of Occidental Management handled the lease.

McKenzie says he likes Wichita history, and Occidental Plaza is a big part of that.

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Sugar Salon to open at Normandie Center

WICHITA — After more than a decade working in downtown Wichita, stylist Susan Brady is opening a new salon at Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn.

Sugar Salon will open in mid-November in 1,200 square feet, which is bigger than Brady’s current Salon Lush at Occidental Plaza and smaller than Urban Image, which she used to have at Old Town Square.

“I would rather keep it small and intimate,” Brady says. “It makes for a cozier, more friendly environment.”

The chief difference with the new salon, other than being on the east side, is that Brady is once again going to have an Aveda salon.

“We had decided when we opened Salon Lush we would not carry Aveda; we would see what else is out there to offer,” Brady says.

She missed the quality of Aveda’s products and color along with Aveda’s education and “just their general support.”

“I finally realized I just need to stay with Aveda,” Brady says. “So when the opportunity presented itself to open … another Aveda salon, I of course jumped at the chance.”

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Former d’Sozo chef Miguel Larcher to open Garden Grill Cafe at Occidental Plaza

WICHITA — Former d’Sozo chef Miguel Larcher is preparing to open his own restaurant.

Larcher plans Garden Grill Cafe for 1,675 square feet on the first floor of Occidental Plaza at 300 N. Main St. There also will be an outdoor patio.

“It will be all vegan,” Larcher says of his menu.

Larcher grew up in Martinique, where he attended culinary school at age 16. Eventually he attended another culinary school in Nice, France, before coming to the United States 20 years ago.

Initially, the Garden Grill will be open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily except Saturdays, when it will be closed.

There also will be brunch on Sunday and dinner by reservation only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Larcher hopes to open by late September or early October at the latest. A month after opening, he says he’ll add breakfasts to his daily servings.

He also plans a smoothie and juice bar.

Entrees will rotate each week, but Larcher says each day of the week will offer a different theme, such as Creole, Italian or French cuisine, among others.

Stephanie Wiens of Occidental Management and Jad Wolf and Shannon Palmer of KW Commercial Hometown Partners handled the deal for the space.

This leaves only one 2,400-square-foot vacancy within Occidental Plaza.


Wichita Crime Commission to move a few blocks

WICHITA — The Wichita Crime Commission is moving this fall.

“Right now we’re pretty cramped in 720 square feet,” says executive director Gordon Bassham.

Also, the current office at 125 N. Market doesn’t have much parking, so Bassham says that forces the public and the commission’s 180 members to have to park elsewhere and walk.

The commission is taking more than 1,700 square feet in Occidental Plaza at 300 N. Main St.

The commission is a privately funded nonprofit that works with law enforcement to support it and fight crime in a proactive way.

“We needed more room for potential future growth,” says Bassham, who is working to grow membership.

He says the commission is closely affiliated with Crime Stoppers, and there’s room at Occidental Plaza for that group to potentially have an office there as well.

Chad Stafford and Stephanie Wiens of Occidental Management handled the deal.

Bassham says the move will happen in November.

“We expect to be in the new location for quite some time.”

MillyRose Photography & Design is now a home-based business

WICHITA — The new Salon Lush that’s opening at Occidental Plaza at Second and Main streets is taking the former MillyRose Photography & Design space.

Taci Fast still has her photography business, but she’s decided to base it out of her home.

Fast is traveling, so she filled us in on what’s going on via e-mail.

“Since my focus is predominately fine art lifestyle photography, I found the studio model was not fitting my needs,” she says. Almost all “of my shoots are location based, and with a website serving as my storefront, the studio is just not necessary for a successful business.”

Fast liked opening for Final Friday, but she did that only every two or three months.

With less overhead, Fast says she’ll be able to be more generous with causes like Make-A-Wish Foundation of Kansas, the Kansas Humane Society and her own charity, Angel Kisses, which gives free portraits to families who are facing critical illnesses.

Fast says photography is competitive and has changed substantially because of the digital revolution.

“I think the secret is to just keep evolving to stay relevant and reinvent yourself every couple of years!”

Salon Lush to open in Occidental Plaza

WICHITA — Former Urban Image salon owner Susan Bradley and stylist Carrie Jones, who has worked with Bradley for six years, are opening Salon Lush next month at Occidental Plaza at Second and Main streets.

Stylists Amber Hoss and Jessica Schoenhoffer also are joining Salon Lush.

All four stylists most recently were at Urban Image in Old Town Square, which Bradley sold in 2009 and worked at until this week.

“We love working together,” Bradley says of the new team.

The salon is opening in 1,100 square feet in the first week of October.

The store number is 316-337-LUSH (5874). A website is the works, and a Facebook page should be ready this weekend.

Psychologist bucks trend to move downtown

Lance Parker is yet another business person who is bucking a trend and moving to downtown instead of away from it.

Parker, a psychologist, is moving his Parker Group practice from 240 N. Rock Road to Occidental Plaza, an Occidental Management property at 300 N. Main.

“I do a lot of work with attorneys, so it’s more centrally located to the attorneys and the courthouses,” Parker says.

He also says he has patients all over, so the new office will be centrally located for that as well.

Parker is taking 1,300 square feet and will have room to add more psychologists. He’ll move in June 1 and have an open house in September.