Dermatology Clinic to double Hillside office

WICHITA — As someone who grew up in the Alcott Elementary School neighborhood, Martha Selfridge Housholder says she’s always felt fortunate to have her Dermatology Clinic in that area.

Now, she feels fortunate to grow her business there as well.

The clinic has been in almost 9,000 square feet at 835 N. Hillside for more than forty years. Now, it’s expanding into the vacant, same-size space next door at 851 N. Hillside where other medical practices used to be.

The Dermatology Clinic’s origins date to 1932 in downtown. Housholder says most doctors were downtown then but eventually began migrating towards the hospitals further east.

The clinic built its own building in 1971, which is the same year the one at 851 N. Hillside was built.

“The office was built for four doctors, but we now have six providers,” Housholder says.

She says the clinic has ancillary services, such as light treatments and X-ray, that require more space.

“We’re going to take the opportunity to reconfigure some things that we think will make all of it work better together,” Housholder says.

The Dermatology Clinic also has an office in Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler.

Housholder says it will take six to 12 months to remodel the new space and adjoin it to the practice’s existing building, which also will have minor remodeling.

The practice used to have offices in Newton and El Dorado, but as doctors retired, Housholder says she made the central part of Wichita her focus.

“We like being more in the center … and closer to downtown as well,” she says. “We feel that … we want to serve the core area.”

West-side Realty World Alliance to move

UPDATED — Realty World Alliance continues to grow, so owner Greg Fox is moving his west-side office to accommodate that.

“Frankly, I’m nearly doubling my space, so it’s giving us a lot more room to grow,” Fox says.

Currently, Realty World has 3,700 square feet at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler. It’s moving to 6,800 square feet at 6617 W. Central, which is a former Blockbuster site across from Two Brothers BBQ.

“We decided that we would rather have a stand-alone building,” Fox says. “People seem to find you a lot easier.”

Fox and Troy Farha and Nathan Farha of NAI Martens handled the deal for the lease.

The move should happen in early March. Fox thinks he’ll initially need about 4,000 square feet of the 6,800 square feet, and the rest will be room to grow.

“My business everywhere is growing,” he says. “I’m a blessed man.”

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Ninza Sushi Bar to open at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler

WICHITA — Lots of college students work in restaurants while going to school, but Ada Yang is taking it one big step farther.

The Wichita State University economics student is opening Ninza Sushi Bar at the end of the month.

The restaurant will be next to National American University in Occidental Management’s Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler.

Occidental chairman and CEO Gary Oborny handled the deal for the 60-seat restaurant.

This is Yang’s first restaurant, which she’s opening with boyfriend Seong Han. Han was a sushi chef and head chef in California for years.

“He has a lot of experience,” Yang says.

Han and Yang plan to serve Japanese and Korean food, including traditional sushi as well as other kinds. They’ll also have a full bar.

The word “ninja” is the inspiration for the Ninza name, substituting “z” for “j.”

“Just like Krispy Kreme, they change the ‘c’ to ‘k,’” Yang says.

Though Yang is still working on her degree, with opening a restaurant she’s decided to take this semester off.

“This semester I’m too busy.”

Pennsylvania-based Benco Dental to open office at Travel Air Building in Delano

WICHITA — Benco Dental, the third-largest dental dealer in the nation, will be moving to Delano in April.

“We sell everything that a dentist uses in his office,” says Dennis Doyle, a territory representative for the Pennsylvania-based company.

Benco, which arrived in Wichita about seven months ago, is taking 2,600 square feet in Occidental Management’s Travel Air Building at 535 W. Douglas.

The company has been in temporary Occidental space at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler while the new space is prepared.

“We’re going to keep the space very open to … show the old architecture of the building,” Doyle says.

There are brick walls and exposed timbers in the ceiling.

“We wanted someplace that wasn’t kind of sterile or an industrial park area,” Doyle says. He says the company wanted “a more relaxed setting.”

“Plus, it’s very centrally located for us as well.”

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You don’t say

“I definitely was smart enough not to try to start up a restaurant.”

Greg Buss, who left the real estate business for the restaurant business by purchasing the Egg Crate in Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler

Another Lady’s Treasure to almost double in size

WICHITA — Tanna Debo-Loreg is almost doubling the size of her Another Lady’s Treasure consignment shop at Northwest Centre.

She’s been in 975 square feet at the center at 13th and Tyler for four years.

“It has just been fabulous,” Debo-Loreg says.

She says she has great consignors and customers.

“It just keeps coming through the door … and going out the door,” she says of merchandise.

The store sells clothing, handbags, jewelry and shoes.

Debo-Loreg says some of her consignors would like to offer antique pieces as well.

“We’ll just have to see,” she says. “I’m already having to put people off bringing clothes in.”

She’s running out of space.

The expansion, which will be ready in the new year, will create a much more open look. There will be new dressing rooms as well.

Stephanie Wiens of Occidental Management handled the deal for the new space.

Debo-Loreg says she doesn’t expect to expand again.

“I’ll still be able to manage to do everything myself,” she says. “It gets too big, and then it’s not fun.”

West-side Mid-Kansas Dermatology Clinic expands

WICHITA — When Steven Passman considered opening a west-side Mid-Kansas Dermatology Clinic branch at Northwest Centre in 2003, he was hesitant.

“I didn’t know if there would be enough work to justify the expense,” he says.

Now, though, Passman is expanding by almost 1,000 square feet at the center at 13th and Tyler, which Occidental Management owns.

The clinic will have a total of 2,600 square feet.

“I’m just gratified that we’re supported there so well by the physicians and patients,” Passman says. “It’s a good position to be in.”

He’s almost doubling his waiting room size.

“People were actually sitting on the floor sometimes,” he says. “It was quite a sight.”

Passman is adding two treatment rooms as well.

He also has an east Wichita site along with locations in Wellington, El Dorado and Newton.

Passman’s west-side expansion should be complete in a couple of weeks.

Realty World Alliance expands on east, west sides

WICHITA — Greg Fox’s Realty World Alliance is expanding on the east and west sides.

“We’ve had a pretty good year, and we keep growing,” Fox says. “I like the steady pace we’re growing.”

Fox is moving his east-side office from Tallgrass Office Park on East 22nd Street to 6100 E. Central near Central and Woodlawn.

“We’re clear on the north end of the parking lot,” he says of Tallgrass. “It just doesn’t have the street presence.”

He backs up to a golf course.

“It’s gorgeous, and I love it,” Fox says. “But it’s difficult for clients to find because they really have to wind around in there.”

His new space will be 5,000 square feet, which is bigger than his current 3,300 square feet.

Fox also is expanding on the west side at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler, where he moved in late 2008.

“We really filled up the office space,” Fox says of the 2,900 square feet he has there.

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Dollar Tree to expand at Northwest Centre

WICHITA — The Dollar Tree at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler is expanding.

The store, which is almost 6,000 square feet, will expand to 10,000 square feet and should be ready before Thanksgiving.

That size “is more in line with what we call the Dollar Tree sweet spot,” says spokeswoman Chelley Davis.

The “sweet spot” is stores between 10,000 and 12,500 square feet. The larger store allows for expanded merchandise.

Michael Monteferrante of Occidental Management, which owns the center, and Leisa Lowry of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

Dollar Tree’s second quarter earnings were up almost 12 percent over last year’s. Sales were $1.22 billion.

Davis says it could be the recession is prompting more people to shop at the discount chain.

“Our sense is yes, but I don’t have any metrics,” she says.

U.S. Census Bureau preparing to move into Northwest Centre for 2010 census counting

WICHITA — With the 2010 census just around the corner, the U.S. Census Bureau is leasing space at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler in preparation to start counting Wichitans.

“They’re taking about 6,500 square feet of the former J.P. Weigand west residential office space,” says Brady Miller, who handled the deal for Occidental Management.

“That space has all been completely re-leased now,” he says.

Greg Fox of Realty World Alliance took the rest of the space.

The Census Bureau will move in sometime in August.

“We’re excited to have them there,” Miller says. “They’re going to have about 50 employees, which we think is going to be great for the center.”