Jump Start gas station to reopen on West 21st Street

WICHITA — The Jump Start gas station at 3805 W. 21st St. is reopening, most likely next month.

The store has been empty for more than two years. It used to be affiliated with Conoco.

“I’m going to do it unbranded,” says Narendra Patel, who also has gas stations in Kansas City and Winfield.

“I’m successful on both the stores,” Patel says.

He says he likes the challenge of reopening gas stations, particularly ones that need a little TLC.

Patel also is looking for other opportunities to purchase stations within a 100-mile radius.

He says he likes the West 21st Street site because of the houses and traffic in the area.

He’s planning to have a Hunt Brothers Pizza station at the store, which he hopes will be a draw.

“We’re here to help them,” says Tim McConnell, a Hunt Brothers district manager.

Patel used to work with his family’s Dunkin’ Donuts franchise.

“I was in that business a long time,” he says.

If Dunkin’ Donuts is interested in coming to Wichita, Patel says he’d like to have the business.

“We will try our best to get it here.”