Michelle Borin sells Garage Bar & Grill; Jennifer Ray to open Circle Social Club

WICHITA — Michelle Borin soon will be back to running just her Michelle’s Beach House. She and her son, Brandon, have sold the Garage Bar & Grill in Delano to Jennifer Ray.

“Things have just kind of changed,” Michelle Borin says. Her son is now focusing more on the aerospace industry, she says.

“I don’t want to run it by myself and take 100 percent responsibility between this place and the Beach House.”

Ray has been running Emerson Biggin’s and Rock Island Live in Old Town. She’s worked at Emerson Biggin’s for more than a decade.

“It was just a natural progression of things,” Ray says of starting her own business.

The new bar will be called the Circle Social Club after the traffic circle in front of the business, which is at 579 W. Douglas.

“I have always been interested in that property,” Ray says. “I live in Delano, so it’s a perfect fit.”

She plans to remodel.

“It’s just going to be a lot of cosmetic changes.”

Ray plans to change not just the look but the feel of the business.

“It would be great to have a concept in there that really fits the neighborhood. Something that caters to the eclectic tastes of people who live in Delano,” she says. “We’re thinking something laid back. Very, very quality food, good service … a very nice beer selection.”

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You don’t say

“Like I said from the very beginning, I was doing it for my son.”

Michelle’s Beach House owner Michelle Borin on how her son, Brandon, is going into the Navy so she’s trying to sell the Garage Bar & Grill that he’s managed in Delano

Barleycorn’s to return to the Blue Lounge space where it first opened in 1999

WICHITA — Curt Melzer is bringing Barleycorn’s back to its original spot at 608 E. Douglas.

“It was always kind of a hidden thought in my mind that I would love to bring back the name,” he says. “That’s what we were doing at Blue Lounge anyway.”

Melzer opened Blue Lounge after he moved Barleycorn’s to the former River’s Edge space in Delano in early 2006.

“River’s Edge kind of fell into my lap,” he says. “I got it at a good price.”

It wasn’t a good deal in the end, though.

“What happened was I basically split my crowd.”

So Melzer closed Barleycorn’s, which is where Michelle Borin now has the Garage.

Before Melzer officially changes the Blue Lounge name to Barleycorn’s, he’s going to close for about a week in mid-November to do some remodeling and upgrades to the space that will “bring back the reputation for being one of the premier live music spots in town.”

That includes an upgraded sound system and a possible new stage area.

There also will be new paint, new bar stools and “some booths back like we had at the old Barleycorn’s.”

Melzer has been mulling the changes for some time. He decided that November, which will be the 12th anniversary of Barleycorn’s 1999 opening in the space, would be a fitting time.

He hopes to close for no more than about a week.

“I’m doing well now, and I just hate to lose business over trying to make the place better, but sometimes that’s just what you’ve got to do.”

Michelle Borin and son will own the Garage by Nov. 1

WICHITA — As expected, Michelle Borin has made a deal to be the new owner — along with her son, Brandon — of the Garage in Delano by Nov. 1.

“I am going to keep the same name,” Borin says. “I’m not going to make, you know, drastic changes, but I am going to twist it up a little.”

She’s already applied for a license to allow smoking. Currently the bar doesn’t allow it.

She’s also going to add race car uniforms, some of which will feature fishnet stockings and go-go boots.

But Borin doesn’t want anyone to confuse her new business with her existing one — the well-known Michelle’s Beach House gentleman’s club in Derby.

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Michelle’s Beach House owner to buy Delano bar

WICHITA — Michelle Borin of Michelle’s Beach House is in final negotiations to buy the Garage bar and grill in Delano.

In March, Have You Heard? reported that Borin and her son, Brandon, are looking to open a new nightclub separate — and different — from her Derby gentleman’s club.

The Garage opened earlier this year in the former John Barleycorn’s space at 579 W. Douglas after an extensive renovation.

Borin has met numerous times this week and last week with Garage representatives.

The deal is expected to close Thursday.